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June 21st, 2004

Here’s a nice little piece about “real” photography vs. Photoshop. The writer really nails it for me: there is a hands-on feel to black and white photography in a darkroom that gets lost in digital photography.

Plus, I still think a silver-gelatin print kicks the pants off a digital photograph any day.

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August 15th, 2003
Earth Erotica

DH sent me this link today. Earth Erotica Photography by Heather Firth.

From a photographic standpoint, I find it very interesting, having noticed how the curves of rocks and trees can resemble the human body.

But at the same time, I’m kind of disturbed. I’m not sure exactly why, something about sexualizing rocks is just a little odd. Am I a prude? I don’t think so. I guess I’m just operating on a different plane of existence here, where I don’t feel so much a sexual connection to the earth as the artist says she does in her biography. Or it might be more accurate to say that I do, but I want to express it differently.

Or maybe I’m just not particularly interested in framing holes in the ground to look like anuses. (Anusii?) My artistic interest, with regards to photography, is to capture the non-humanity of the earth, or to find ways to express our connection to the earth in a way that doesn’t include humanizing the earth. I’m less interested in how rocks and trees can be made to look like breasts and bottoms and hips through clever framing.

I don’t know. I think I need to examine my artistic sensibilities more in order to better articulate why I’m not sure I like Firth’s work. It’s not because it isn’t beautiful, because it is. It’s just an inexplicable reaction at this point.

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November 30th, 2002

I finally got around to making the shell ornaments tonight. Here’s a picture:


This photo is so exceptionally bad, as a semi-professional photographer, I cringe to put it up. But my digital camera (I use the term camera very loosely) is one of those crappy webcam models, and I don’t want to waste time or film getting a picture of these just for my weblog.

Making them is easy. You need a paintbrush, a glue gun (low temp is best if kids are involved), some paint-on irridescent glitter, some ribbon, a scissors, and some shells. All of these things can be acquired at a craft store. These shells are about three inches across, and I used burgundy ribbon to match. First, paint the shells with the glitter. This is a good kid task. While they’re drying, make ribbon bows and loops (you want the loop to be 1-2 inches, so use 2-4 inches of ribbon for each loop) for each shell. Then, glue on each bow with the glue gun. Don’t worry, it might take a try or two to master the technique–mine kept falling off. Next, glue the loops to the backs of the shell. Gently (GENTLY!) tug the loop to make sure it’s somewhat secure. If it’s loose (or comes right off, this happened a few times) glue it again. Voila! Shell ornaments. These need gentle treatment in general, as those glue gun loops like to come off.

These look WAY better in real life then they do in my crummy picture. I’ve seen them for sale for $5 each or more at craft shows. Why buy them when you can make them? It’s a fun craft project, and they make wonderful gifts. Enjoy.

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