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July 19th, 2009
Skyline Rd

oakgroveriverWe went for a drive yesterday, out Hwy. 26 past Mt. Hood, turning off onto Skyline Road. It was a beautiful day up in the mountains, warm, but much cooler than in town. Lots of flowers blooming, like lupines, daisies, and lilies. Sadly, no pics of the flowers, although I really wish I’d gotten a shot of the mountain lilies. They were stunning.

We drove past the Clackamas Lake Ranger Cabin, and I stopped to snap a pick of the Clackamas River.

Further on, we made our way down towards Olallie Lake. Lots of cutting has taken place by the roads, as crews attempt to clear out dead trees that pose a falling hazard. While the end result will be great, it looks dreadful right now, lots and lots of cut trees down.

There were a ridiculous amount of mosquitos down by the lake itself – big ones! Also, so many trees burned at Peninsula Campground and have now been removed. The peninsula looks so bare now, very sad.

Overall, a lovely day for a drive. DH and I did lots of discussion about our future plans. Hmmmm, New Zealand?

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April 17th, 2005
Gimpy Fun

I’ve been having fun with The Gimp. I took this great shot of a small white church down on the coast of Maui, viewed from above, on this ridge above the Highway to Hana. For some reason, the picture came out kind of funky – the trees didn’t have as much detail as I was expecting, and the church was much too bright. In black and white photography, I would say the whites were blown out. Anyway, I had some fun running the picture through the Gimp’s various “artistic” filters and came up with some cool results.

cartoon church

clothify church

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January 6th, 2005
Back From Maui

We left for Maui on December 30th and got back late last night. Needless to say, I didn’t want to come home. I’ve decided my new goal in life is to move to Hawaii and sell goat’s milk soap to the tourists. Or something like that…

I bought a great CD while I was there: Kapena is the name of the band and the cd is called Hawaiian Legacy. I think you can buy it from their website. Anyway, it’s excellent. We kept a journal of sorts, so I’ll be posting bits from it with photos in a few days.

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December 28th, 2004
Ooh, new!

This WordPress is pretty gnifty. I really like the screen for typing in entries – it beats the pants off Movable Type. So kewl!

We leave for Maui on Thursday. I’m having a hard time concentrating on work because I’m so excited about it. We’ve started thinking about packing tonight so we’re not trying to do it in a big hurry tomorrow night. I’m going to miss my kitties, but they’ll be in good hands. One of our friends will stop in to feed them and scoop their litter box, and he said he stay for a while to pet them too. The fact that there is a Moonstruck one door down from our building is providing a good temptation as well.

DH got his hair cut last night. He’s been growing it for about four years and it was reaaaallly long. He looks pretty darn cute with short hair though.

Mmmmm… only the rest of today and tomorrow… and then… Hawaii!

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November 30th, 2004
Maui Maui

This day next month we will be leaving for Hawaii. Excited doesn’t even *begin* to cover how I feel. I can’t WAIT.
t13b15.jpgTo that end, I ordered a swimsuit the other day. Yes, a two piece. I figure as long as I’m going on vacation, I might as well embrace the sunshine, fat a$$ and all. I don’t care. Besides, I think this one is pretty cute. All I need now is to go to JoAnn Fabric and get a long length of some funky material to make a sarong and I’m set. I was thinking of getting a pair of nifty board shorts instead, but I’ve only found them at a few places and I’m not paying $50 for a pair of shorts no matter how cool they look.

BTW, the swimsuit comes from Love Your Peaches (great name!), a web store that designs and makes everything they sell. A little pricey, but the clothes look nice.

MMMMM. I can’t wait.

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