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January 25th, 2005
Brave Athena

Today I found a weblog called “Tales of Slow Brave Athena”, written by a plus size gal who walks marathons. Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe this woman – she’s my fat hero of the week. Especially since I’m sore from lifting weights with my personal trainer yesterday and want to whine about it…

I especially liked the link and recommendation for the Enell Sports Bra. Anyone else tried one of these? I went out looking for a sports bra this weekend (try finding one of these in a 44DDD in regular stores…) and the best I could do was a 3X bra top at Target that isn’t exactly supportive. I bought it anyway (it was only $4.99, which tells you about the quality) and wore it yesterday, and it worked okay for the non-running up and down the stairs part of my workout. I really like that purple Enell bra though, so I might be tempted…

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January 18th, 2005
I go walking…

I walked 1.83 miles in 45 minutes, a reasonably brisk pace (for me) and lots of sweat. I need to remember to bring flip flops with me so I don’t get icked out by the showers with bare feet…

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January 17th, 2005

I told my personal trainer that I was *dying* on Friday (from a phenomenon called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), especially my thighs, so we took it a *little* easier today and I don’t think the soreness will be as bad. I’m feeling pretty good tonight, especially since I managed to bang out 18 lbs of soap this evening.

She showed me how to use an elliptical trainer, and I have to say that it’s a really cool machine! I especially liked the fact that is has no impact with the ground, so it’s easier on the ol’ knee joints than doing a similar intensity workout on a treadmill. We had it kicked up a bit though, so it was definitely working me out…

Tomorrow I’m just going to walk, burn off some stress…

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January 13th, 2005

I went to the gym yesterday for my orientation session with a personal trainer, to talk about my fitness goals and go through a workout together. The most notable thing that stood out is that I have pretty good aerobic fitness but lousy strength — I have weeny muscles. I knew this, but it came as a surprise just HOW weeny my muscles are. No wonder I have issues with my joints, they aren’t well supported by strong muscles.

So, I did something I wasn’t expecting to do, but will probably be some of the best money I could invest in myself: I have signed up for 24 sessions of personal training, spread over three months. It’s damn expensive, but I’m willing and eager to sacrifice other luxuries for this, like making my own lunches again (which is really much healthier anyway, so it’s a good thing). The goal is to increase my strength, for me to be familiar and comfortable with all the gym equipment, for me to have a variety of workout routines familiar to me that I can do independently and safely, and for me to be firmly in the habit of exercising regularly. I’m really excited about this (although I am so sore today, a feeling which is apt to become familiar to me), so we start Monday, even though it’s a holiday.

I really like the trainer, also. She’s young, and feisty, and seems comfortable working with a fat chick – she agreed that weight loss goals aren’t usually the best measure of progress (although Bally really pushes weight loss, but weight loss as a message sells better to the masses than “get healthy!” so it’s not surprising) and that our goal will be to improve my muscular strength and endurance. I like her attitude and approach – she pushed me to reach for the last pushup/chinup/whatever even though it was hard for me, by being encouraging and not aggressively pushy. I liked that, because I do need to be pushed for that last whatever that’s hard for me to do.

Mind you, I’m not opposed to weight loss, but it’s ancillary to my main goal, which is improved fitness. It should be a fun and interesting three months.

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October 14th, 2003
Splish Splash

Did I mention that I joined the YWCA Fitness Center the other day? They have a good rate for students. Back in the day, I was skinny and swam on the high school swim team. I wasn’t very fast or very good, but I did it for three years and I loved it. I love how my body feels, cutting through the water. Must be the Pisces in me. So, I bought a swimsuit because I was going to start swimming again. (In case that link doesn’t work in the future, it’s a Newport News tank suit, and they have great plus size clothes by the way.)

Today I swam for half an hour. I’ll do it again on Thursday. I still love to swim.

I liked a post by Fatshadow. It’s the October 14 post, because I can’t figure out how to link to it directly.

Be sure to catch this synopsis of a heart study. Note the part about “weight cycling.” That’s one of my “up-yours” gestures to people who think dieting constantly is a good idea.

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