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August 12th, 2006

DH spent some time today working on Claire’s Beauty and I’d say it’s basically up and running. Some of my posts from here will migrate over, but mostly I’ll be posting new content over there. Fun times!

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August 9th, 2006
When Good Kittens Go Bad

(and other stories…)

Theolicious has kitten diarrhea. It’s not pretty. That’s probably enough on *that* topic, but it’s been rather omnipresent in the Luna Lundberg household lately…

Otherwise, his Theoness is growing so quickly! Aww kittens. He’s still so cute, and is finally learning how to sit still and be petted for whole minutes at a time. I was thinking our kitten had ADD but I think he’s just a good example of a Bengal kitten – LOTS of energy, not much willingness to sit still for long periods of time. He’ll mellow with age, just like Tigs has.

In other excitement, it’s semi-annual bonus time! In addition to the monthly sales bonus we receive at the beauty emporium (which is based on our store profit each month), we also receive semi-annual bonuses based on company profit. I’m practically drooling with anticipation here – let’s just say last month’s store bonus rocked, so I’m hoping the company one is good too.

And that’s just in time because the sale items are killing me. I just couldn’t help myself with this, and this. Dude, sale! Combine that with my discount, and it’s SCORE!!! I’m so tired of having my makeup and brushes scattered in random bags under the bed, I’m just thrilled to have some cases to put it all in. Hello, my name is Claire, and I’m a makeupaholic. The Stila Smudge Pots got me too, and so did the eyeshadow. And maybe a lip gloss too. Oh, I am so weak.

Also… Vera Wang Princess. It’s not “out” yet in our store, but will be launched day after tomorrow. I already sniffed it though, and sprayed it on my arms. Ohhhhhh. It’s got the sweetness I like in Pink Sugar without the cloying quality that practically makes my teeth hurt, it’s so sweet. It’s warm, and chocolately, and somewhat fruity and flowery too. It’s not too powdery. It might just be THE THING for fall. The problem is, I’m still really into Marc Jacobs – it’s the gardenia. I love it. I also recently discovered Amarige by Givenchy. I made a sample of that for myself though, and I’ll make one of Marc Jacobs too. I think it’s the bottle that’ll push me over into Princessland. The Marc Jacobs bottle is UGLY and the Amarige one doesn’t really light my fire either. Since perfume bottles are also decorative in my house… It could be Princess will win…

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August 4th, 2006
Yo Beauty

It’s newness time at the beauty emporium and shipment tonight was TOO MUCH FUN. Every Thursday night I work until midnight, helping unpack and put away each week’s shipment. Usually it’s not that exciting, just unpacking all the stuff we already have.

But this time of the year, all the new stuff for fall comes rolling in, and it’s HOT, baby! Also, it’s just the start of gift set mania, which means happy times for us all will be here soon (not!). Holiday… it strikes terror into my little heart. Trying to keep track of some forty-odd grunts on the floor, sending breaks, dodging complaints… Oh yeah, we get bribed with an extra 10% tacked on to our already 20% discount. I guess that makes it okay – I can drown my sorrows in eyeshadow.

Anyway, I’m excited as all heck because that Jade Smudge Pot from Stila that I was raving about here has come back! WHEEEEE!!! Of course, now we don’t have the Longo eyeshadow I mentioned in that post, but who cares. Stila also has a bronze one that is new, and when paired with Forest Clove trio, either the Jade or the Bronze would be spectacular.

Have I mentioned how much I love makeup? I might have to start freelancing for event makeup (although not necessarily weddings, yet) just because it’s so much fun. I did my grandma’s makeup on Tuesday when I went up to Port Townsend with my mom, and she looked so good. I was so proud of myself, that I managed to perfectly accentuate her blue eyes without it looking heavy or artificial. She liked it a lot! I seem to have a knack for it, and I enjoy doing it.

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July 24th, 2006
Sniffle Snarf

Last night, Tigs was looking decidedly NOT well, so we decided to take her to Dove Lewis. Their NW location is very close by to our apartment, so it was a short trip. The prognosis: Tigerlily has a kitty cold (upper respiratory infection). We are feeding her stinky food (so she can smell it) and monitoring her closely. She perked right up at the vet though, as if we’d just taken her to a fine dining establishment where she was served delicious stinky food and fawned over. What a pill. We love her though, so I’m glad we took her in.

And, speaking of upper respiratory infections, yours truly has one too. I called in sick to work today, after yet another sleepless night and some wicked sinus pain and a nasty cough. I got in to see my doctor, and left with some allergy medication and a prescription for antibiotics should it not clear up on its own in a few days. Blame the hot weather – my rather persnickety lungs and sinuses can’t handle it. I get these with some regularity whenever it gets hot, so I think ahead of the next forecasted heat spell I’ll get some preemptive allergy meds. Today though, I am cranky and sniffly, just like Tigs. Hooray for drugs.

We did manage to procure a small air conditioner unit though – a portable one, which means we don’t have to mount it in the window (something I’m not sure they allow here because of the McMenamens seating below our windows). It’s taken the poor thing about two hours to get our apartment down to a mere 85 degrees – which tells you how freaking hot it got in here. An oven, I tell you!

Also, I wanted to post about my hair – the pink dye faded down to a nice respectable burgundy-ish purple. Whee! This is what I used. It’s really cute.

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June 30th, 2006

So for fun, DH purchased Claire’s Beauty for me! There isn’t anything there yet, but since I seem to be writing about cosmetics etc. a lot lately, it seemed like it would be fun to have a blog/website devoted specifically to that content – so this blog can go back to being less about beauty and more about life.

In the meantime, I’ll keep it up as usual here and make another announcement when the new site is ready. Yay!

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