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December 14th, 2006
How To Annoy Me

Plaster the first third of your blog (at the top) with google ads. No, really, go ahead and do it. It’s not tacky and hideous design, and doesn’t smack of “I’m just trying to make a buck here, not actually contribute something useful to the intar-webs.” Really. It’ll make you look all serious and professional-like. I promise.

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November 1st, 2006
Grammar Police

I know, it’s a cheap shot to post about bad grammar. But I can’t help it, when I see such bad grammar on weblogs from people who are published in magazines.

The egregious sentence used “in lieu of” when the author meant “in honor of” or “in recognition of.” Specifically, “in lieu of fall, I purchased a spiced apple candle.” (Sentence changed slightly to save the author from total embarrassment.) Seriously, get a dictionary. Also, if this is the kind of “professional” writing that gets someone published these days, I should try to get my own column in a magazine.

In other news, we sign papers for the house tomorrow and move in this weekend. Theo was tutored and is now half the man-cat he used to be, although he is just as feisty as ever. In fact, he and DH are in the bathroom right now playing some kind of cat hockey. (That would be DH and the cat batting something on the floor, not DH playing hockey with the cat as the puck.)

Most of our belongings are now in boxes. Let the mad house-buying panic set in!

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March 26th, 2006
Pesky Ethical Dilemmas

At the beauty emporium where I am employed, we sell a certain mineral makeup product that is heavily advertised on TV. Literally, every other client who comes in looking for it says they’ve seen the informercial. Dude, the slick power of television. I could convince the masses that goat’s milk soap is the ONLY WAY TO GO if only I had the ad budget of this company. And in my case, I wouldn’t be selling snake oil.

Okay, snake oil may be a little harsh. But seriously, I’ve applied this stuff to hundreds of faces now. Unless you have really smooth, mostly pore-less, mostly blemish free skin, it’s just not going to look good on you. Not to mention that it contains bismuth oxychloride, an ingredient that is a known common irritant – this, in a product widely touted for sensitive skin!! Eek!!

I just hate it when I have to work in the area of the store where this is sold. In most cases, I have to say nice things about a product I don’t like, trying not to seem like I’m dissing it. Given the opportunity – for example, if someone asks if I use the product – I’ll lead them elsewhere in the store to look at something else. A nice pressed powder foundation, for example…

Oy. I won’t outright lie about it (“Is this okay for sensitive skin?” “Well, everyone’s skin is different, but this works for many people with sensitive skin.”) but I do not embrace it either. I feel like such a fraud even selling it at all. Bleh.

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August 15th, 2005
Hello Stupid.

I have a bunch of items listed on eBay, and have sold off some stuff recently, items that are no longer listed…

I take nice pictures of the stuff I’m selling – nicely lit with natural light, nice closeup shots so the bidder can see exactly what they’re bidding on. I’m rather proud of my photos, of course.

So imagine my surprise when I’m surfing around on eBay and I see someone using two of my pictures for their items! Hey! Thief!

I contacted the seller in question, and politely asked that she take down my pictures. The impolite things I wanted to say were along the lines of “Hey dumba$$, digital cameras are cheap these days, get your own and take your own photos!!!” In other words, I am still paying for my stupid Bachelor’s degree in photography, you want nice photos, you PAY ME for them!!

Surprise, surprise, I get no response. I report her to eBay for picture theft. I *was* surprised to see this afternoon that she’d listed yet ANOTHER item with one of my photos AFTER I’d sent her the cease and desist message. What, did she think I wouldn’t be keeping on eye on her, when she was stealing my images?? I hope eBay busts her good, but I’m not counting on it. I can only wish really bad karma on these kinds of thiefs. My photos are nice, they contribute to my items selling, and now she’s benefiting from them with no compensation to me (and directly competing with my future listings using my OWN photos, no less!!). *&()#WQ@!!!!


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June 8th, 2005
Strange Priorities

Sometimes I wonder about some peoples’ priorities. (Or should that be people’s?) Anyway. While spending about two and a half hours in the company of a group of women, I observed almost all of them going outside to smoke a cigarette on average, every 15 minutes. You gotta figure, they’re spending a small bundle on their nasty habit every month.

So it just boggles my mind that these same women balk at spending money on quality skin care, products that will actually do something GOOD for their faces, instead of just aging them prematurely, like cigarettes will. I mean, they spend at least the same amount a single product (that would last for a minimum of 1 month, and more likely 2-3 for some of them) would cost on a WEEK’S worth of cigarettes…

Ah well… I think some people don’t do the math to figure out what their habits cost them, be they cigarettes, daily lattes, or whatever.

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