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July 23rd, 2009
Sock Summit 2009

Okay, how cool is this?? Sock Summit 2009 takes place August 6-9 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland OR. It will be:

the biggest gathering of sock related stuff we know of, and an absolutely unprecedented gathering of North America’s hand-dying community. More than 150 vendors gathered together in a hall to bring you the best of everything we could think of that relates to socks and sock knitting. (There’s some regular knitting stuff there too. Although we can’t imagine it, you might want to make something other than socks sometime.)

Check out the list of vendors! I have August 7 off, so you can guess where I’m going to be!!

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December 13th, 2006
Knit Knot

I finished a hat for DH from the Knifty Knitter largest round loom (that would be the yellow one) using Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in a dark green and charcoal, using the two yarns together. The wide spacing of the pegs means that the fabric is rather thin with just one strand, even of bulky yarn. Of course, this was supposed to be a super-warm winter hat – one strand would be adequate for other projects where less warmth is required.

I previously made a baby hat for a friend’s baby using the red (medium) loom and two strands of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn. On the smaller loom, the two strands of Jiffy made a perfect fabric, thick but not too thick.

I’m really hooked (ha ha!) on these looms. I really want the set of rectangle looms to play with now. The knitting goes really quickly and it seems to be easier on my hands and wrists than regular knitting (which often leaves my hands/wrists fatigued). However, I have a project in 100% wool on regular needles now, to be made into a felted mat for my spoiled cats. They love lying on the wool rug we have in by the front door, so I figured I’d make them their own mat for their cat bed. It’s just a big rectangle so the knitting is going quickly. I used Lion Brand Wool, which feels really nice – so nice I’m considering what I can make for *me* out of it. One of these days I’m going to be brave enough to tackle a sweater for myself.

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October 4th, 2006
Yarn Habit, Again and Again

I recently discovered knitting looms, otherwise known as round knitters, knifty knitters (and, for the four-pin ones, knitting nancy). Provo Crafts makes the set I purchased (it was on sale!!) yesterday called Knifty Knitter. What got me interested in these was this pattern that features *gasp!* an honest-to-gosh turned heel done on the round loom. I have wanted to knit socks forever, and I’ve tried on more than one occasion – but the double point needles get me everytime – I just can’t seem to manipulate them successfully.

I’m now about two-thirds done with a slipper using that pattern, including successfully turning the heel. It’s not as elegant as the picture (practice!) but it’s a heel. If I can manage some pairs of slippers successfully, I’ll be chomping at the bit for this – an extra fine gauge sock knitter. My dream of actual socks, knitted by me, slowly comes to reality…

In the meantime, I have plans to make more hand knitted gifts for Christmas this year, since the knitting with the Knifty Knitters just flies due to the bulky weight yarn. It’s also not as tiring for my hands as regular knitting or crocheting. Hats, scarves, slippers… sofa pillows, baby blankets (one of my friends is expecting her first baby any day now, and in fact may already have given birth… she’s in Germany). I love yarn…

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June 3rd, 2006

A friend of mine is having a baby, and recently found out it’s a girl. Let the shopping commence!

I found a really easy pattern for a cute baby hat on the Lion Brand website, and decided I’d make that. Now that they require registration to view the patterns, I can’t direct link anymore, but suffice to say it’s the Baby Hat pattern made with Velvetspun. It should be easy enough to find, and there is both a crochet and knit version. The knit version is nice because it is done on two needles, no dpns (otherwise known as double point needles) needed. I still haven’t mastered the dpns, which is like knitting with a hedgehog in your hand.

I bought the Velvetspun in a cotton candy pink color (incidentally, one of my new favorite colors, along with black. Weird, huh?) and proceeded to start crocheting. First of all, the yarn is a major pain in the butt to work with, which I guess is par for the course with a chenille. It took me a few tries to get the top started. Once I got the hang of it, though, things proceeded apace and I finished the hat in about two hours. The Velvetspun does produce a wonderfully soft fabric. I crocheted in the front loops only (it was easier) and while I usually don’t like how that looks (it makes a funny ridge) it looked great with the chenille. All in all, I’d think twice about using this yarn for anything but small projects (it’s just too much of a pain to work with) but it makes awesome hats and would probably be a lovely poncho choice as well. I know, I just said SMALL projects, but use extra big needles to do a poncho and an open pattern, and it would go really fast.

I liked the hat pattern so much I decided to make a second one out of some Homespun I have on hand, since it’s about the same gauge. I like knitting with Homespun, but crocheting with it seems to be a huge pain. I think I’ll definitely keep to knitting with it when I finish the hat.

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July 6th, 2005
Yarn Madness

Hey, you remember my whining about JoAnn discontinuing their totally awesome Sensations Confetti yarn? Yeah, it was a real blow.

But I discovered that Michaels is carrying a yarn that is EXACTLY the same!! The colors are different, but if you loved that totally cool Confetti texture, this is it.

It’s Patons Pooch. I love it!! Michaels has quite the yarn selection these days. That’s awesome.

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