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April 30th, 2002
All Things Internet

Today is the day I rediscovered the coolness factor of the internet. I found a blog about fatness that I really, really like: Big Fat Blog. I learned about Land Mail Art Objects (see nervousness.org for more on that). I found postcardx.net and sent something off.

Go see this stuff for yourself. It’s good stuff :)

In real, non-internet life, today was good. It started off cloudy, but got sunny by days end. I have good plans for Mom’s Weekend with my mum and sis and auntie. We will have a ball on Saturday, and I’m going to hang with my friends this weekend too. Clearly, I’m already looking forward to the weekend, even though it’s only Tuesday.

Go hug a friend.

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April 29th, 2002
Sunshine is Cool

It’s a beautiful day out today. I’m busy as all heck, but the weather is great. I’m actually rather proud of myself, I managed to write an essay and do my other homework last night despite some major procrastination. It was a beautiful day yesterday and I couldn’t motivate myself to do actual homework until after the sun went down. I know, I know, bad girl, but the essay came out great and the other homework was not bad. I have to do some photography tonight, but that won’t be too difficult. I’m working on a still life in natural light, so I really only have to set it up and then shoot it. Much easier than working with people, this time around. That takes longer.

So, I’m having a nice day. Hopefully, it’ll keep on being nice :)

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April 27th, 2002

After many hours slaving away, I have finally gotten things looking good. If you like it, please say so. If you hate it, you can say that too, but be kind. I’m really pleased with Movable Type. It’s been much easier to work with than I actually expected. Thanks to Jacob (the spouse) for all his help :)

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April 26th, 2002

Okay, I’m starting to get the hang of this Movable Type thing. I think things may change some more over the weekend because I’d like a less bare-bones look.
But, so far, so good…;)

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April 25th, 2002
Hello World

Well, Moveable Type is installed and seems to be working. Next up is to put everything back into a nicer format…Watch for this space to change over the next few days!

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