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May 31st, 2002

Argh. I went to the dentist today, for the first time in about four years. I don’t have dental insurance, and I couldn’t afford to go before.

The bad news is that I need about six fillings. Yikes!!!! Did I mention I abhor having dental work done? Well, I do. I’ve made my appointments, but I am full of dread until then. I really, really hate it.

DH (who also went, and has NO cavities, the lucky dog) brought me home flowers to cheer me up, which was very sweet of him. Lovely spring iris, very purple (purple being the royal color, of course). We also went out for dinner to Oasis, the local Lebanese restaurant which is soooo good, and had a lovely drive up Mary’s Peak, a nearby peak with a lovely view of the Willamette Valley and the sunset to the west. It was a gorgeous pink sunset, so I photographed it.

So, I feel better, but I’m still dreading the dental appointments. I have to wait until July, sooo long. Whinge, moan, cry, sob.

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May 30th, 2002

I did some more shopping today. I needed a new watch band, which necessitated a trip to Target. I found one too, looks just like my old one, which made me quite happy. I wasn’t quite ready to ditch the watch yet, so getting a new band was good.

Target also happens to be in the local mall, where there is also a Bath and Body Works… Oh, the temptations! They have SOOO many good smelling things in that store. This time around, it was the special-for-summer Coconut Lime stuff. It was really, really yummy smelling, and really, really hard to walk away from. Lucky for me, DH called as I was making the pivotal “to buy or not to buy” decision, and I used the excuse to run out of the store….

…To Kmart, where I bought the sandals I was eyeing last week. In the proper size, of course. My old ones are getting really stinky (what IS it with cheaper sandals that they get smelly after only one summers wearing??). Oh well. The new ones are so cute, although I liked the old ones a lot too. Guess I’ll keep them around for gardening in.

I still want that Coconut Lime stuff. Sniff.

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May 29th, 2002
Do Over

So… In the exciting web world of Claire, my sweetie has registered http://www.smallkitchengourmet.com for me to play with. Currently, the site lives at http://www.estelledesign.com/smallkitchen/, which is a little clunky. In future, I’d like estelledesign.com just to be a personal site, because it hosts this blog, among other things.

Because it will be all new and different, we’re going to redesign Small Kitchen. DH is going to write a better way for me to put recipes up (right now, it’s all being done by hand coding, annoying), sort of a Movable Type for recipes (Recipe Type?). I will have to get busy dusting off all the recipes I want to put up and make a newer, better design for the site. It hasn’t changed in three years, so I guess a facelift is in order. How exciting!

Watch for changes! Give suggestions! Hooray!

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May 28th, 2002
Forever Afternoon

Today’s title comes courtesy of one of my favorite Moody Blues songs. “Tuesday afternoon, I’m just beginning to see, now I’m on my way.”

The Garbage concert was fabulous. Fantastic. Stunning. Lots of other superlatives. It rocked my world. They are SO great. Sigh…

My mom had more surgeries on Sunday (complications) so I was rather busy and couldn’t post. I think she’s better now. Hopefully, they will let her go home soon.

Nothing else much exciting going on. The weather went crummy again, boo hoo. I’m hoping our sunshine comes back soon.

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May 25th, 2002
Garbage Rocks

Today is a busy day. We are going up to Portland to see Garbage (the band) tonight. I am very, very excited, since I really like Garbage a lot. They pretty much rock.

I’m also going to take some portraits of a friend of mine. It’s my first commissioned gig as a photographer, and I’m nervous because I want them to turn out great. *crossing my fingers*

Yesterday my mom had surgery. Just a minor one, and she was home at day’s end to sleep in her own bed. I spent the day visiting with her and then my auntie and little siblings. We had a good time, but I didn’t get home until very late so I didn’t post about it.

Have a great (Memorial Day if you live in the US) weekend!

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