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July 26th, 2002

My second dental torture is over. They had to give me two shots this time, so the entire side of my face is numb. It’s been two hours now…it (hopefully) will wear off by the time I’m ready for dinner because I’m hungry. The pins and needles tinglies right before it wears off entirely is the worst. I am *so* glad to be done now, and hopefully no NEW cavities from now on.

I finally ordered the last of my supplies–cellophane-like film (real cellophane is dratted expensive, so I bought some poly-something film) and labels. Once my xyron arrives, my first step towards soap domination will be complete! Muhahahah.

Sorry. Blame in on the numbness in my face.

DH is making supper tonight, yummy spaghetti, and his brothers are here. Much freeciv will ensue, I’m sure, and more soapmaking too maybe. Last night’s batches are beautiful (of course).

Happy Friday!

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July 25th, 2002
Not So Bad

Well, I guess it is kind of bad today. I think I flunked a statistics exam. It was harsh.

But that’s the only bad thing. I’m mailing off my application for an assumed business name. In Oregon, there is no sales tax, so all you need to be a business is a registered name. So…I’m registering my business name and hopefully no one will have taken it first.

I’m making citrus and basil lime soaps tonight. Mmmm, the citrus smells yummy. I’m pretty ambivalent about the basil lime but apparently people like it. We’ll see how it does, before I decide to keep making it or not.

I won an ebay auction today. Hooray! I’m buying a Xyron 510 machine, it makes labels and magnets and stickers and laminates things. I’m happy. Now I need to order the proper cartridges for it, and I’ll be labelling away! Very cool.

I’m dreading going back to the dentist. Who wants to hold my hand while I’m there?

Happy Thursday!

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July 24th, 2002

I had the first of my teeth drilled today. Ouch. I hate those big freakin’ needles they have to use for the anesthetic. The topical stuff they put on first only goes so far. It hurt!!! Whine. I’m such a big baby. They messed up too, and used silver amalgam when I’d asked for the white resin composite fillings. Lucky for everyone, the ones they did today don’t show (mostly). Otherwise, I’d be a whole lot more angry than I am that they messed up. They put a big note on my records for Friday’s appointment so they do it right. The ones they’re drilling on Friday WILL show, so it better be right.

In the meantime, my mouth has an icky metallic taste that is so gross. The big one they filled still kind of hurts too. I hate dental work!!!

Otherwise, life is okay. Statistics is going to be okay, although probably too much work for my taste. Oh well…better to get it done in four weeks than suffering through 10 weeks of it. This ways it’s short and sweet suffering, rather than long drawn out suffering.

The week is half over!

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July 22nd, 2002
One Angry Girl

I found (thanks to Robin at One Fat Bitchypoo) One Angry Girl. She has really cool t-shirts. I want the one that says “If Marilyn were alive today, she’d be too fat to model.” As a statement on our outrageously ridiculous “beauty” standards today, it’s great. Plus, it’s got a cool picture of the fabulous Marilyn on it.

Yeah, I don’t go off on my fat-acceptance soapbox much. So many others do it better then I do, but occasionally, I gotta rant. But I’m done now.

Otherwise, it’s just a Monday. This week I get to have my teeth drilled. Oh the joy. Oh the excitement. Can you tell I’m happy? *grimace*

Oh yeah, and the veggie kabobs were great. It’s all about the tahini-yogurt sauce. If you email me and beg, I might give you my recipe…*grin*

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July 21st, 2002
Sunday, Sunday

Today, we are going to have veggie kabobs for dinner…since switching some of my daily medication (the no-children kind) my appetite has changed drastically. Which was the idea of the switch…anyway, about all I’ve wanted to eat this past week has been veggies, fruits, legumes, and the occasional grain product. Haven’t felt like sweets, haven’t felt like fried food, haven’t felt like much in the way of meat. Drastic, all right. I turned down chocolate cheesecake the other day. Weird.

So, veggie kabobs. Yum. If only I could duplicate that tahini special sauce they make at Oasis here in Corvallis. O-a-sis. MMMMmmm. *shakes head* But no, I will make my own veggie kabobs, and try my hand at the sauce. They will be delicious :)

I made chocolate soap today. It smells yummy.

Happy Sunday.

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