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July 17th, 2002
Bottles and Jars

My bottles and jars came. Yay! I ordered pretty blue bottles for massage oil, and three sizes of little jars for cuticle balm, lip balm, and solid perfume. Tonight, I’ll make my first batch of solid perfume (since I have everything I need for that). Tomorrow, I’ll experiment with lip and cuticle balm, because I’m driving up to Portland to pick up my vitamin e (to extend the life of the oils used in the balms). Yay! Now, if only my fragrance oils and strawberry lip balm flavor would get here. Now, darnit!

I overslept today. Oops. Missed class, I feel bad. I like that class too, so I have guilt when I oversleep and miss it.

I’ve ordered two CD’s from Half.com and neither one has arrived yet. It’s Tonic’s second CD and Cyndi Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual.” That was the first tape I ever owned when I was a little kid, and I have major fondness for it. I decided I finally needed to buy the CD of it, since my tape is ancient (and missing). I can’t wait! Waaah. It’s so hard to be patient for these things.

Enjoy Wednesday!

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July 14th, 2002

I wish I could remember to post more often. What is wrong with my memory?

Oh well.

On Friday, I got to see the Indigo Girls for free. One of the perks of working/volunteering for Oregon NARAL. We were invited to table at the concert. I’m totally excited because I got several new volunteers, whee! It’s part of my internship to recruit new volunteers in the area.

The concert rocked. What can I say, the Indigo Girls are awesome.

My soap is coming out nice. I’ll be able to open my store soon, as all my other supplies slowly drift in. All my perfume stuff is here, I’m just waiting for my bottles and jars. I can’t wait. I’m trying to figure out how to make a brown sugar face scrub like the one Fresh makes and sells for too much money…we’ll see how that turns out :)

Have a good Sunday!

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July 6th, 2002

We had a great day today. It was just a shade too hot, but otherwise…fabulous.

The Eugene Saturday Market had lots of great stuff to see today. I was generally disappointed in the soap people. I figure that I need to do a bit more essential oil scenting and a bit less fragrance oil scenting in my soaps, and I’ll compete just fine. I was annoyed because NOT ONE SINGLE VENDOR was labelling their soap properly. Either they left of the weight (a huge no-no), didn’t use proper INCI names for ingredients, didn’t have an address (another huge no-no), or some combination thereof. Tsk, tsk. It’s a lesson in what NOT to do…:)

We had lovely Chinese food at Maple Garden restaurant. Mmmm, garlic chicken. Maybe not authentic, but tasty nonetheless.

Tonight I made basil lime soap (a men’s scent, and one which I’ll switch to EO’s, using sweet basil and lime EO instead of FO), and unscented. Tomorrow, it’s lavender and oatmeal, milk and honey. I’m excited because tomorrow I’ll set up my arrangement with a 4H girl to buy her goat milk and eggs. It will be the honest truth when I say made with Farm Fresh goat milk from loved goats. Living in Oregon is probably the best thing I have going now.

Oh, and we might buy a house…soooo much fun….

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July 5th, 2002

My little sister is visiting for the weekend. Yay! She’s quite a bit younger than me, so it’s kind of a big deal for her to get to visit. She gets to stay up late, play Spyro on the playstation without having to fight her brother for it, drink coffee, and eat tiramisu. All great fun things to do at the big sister’s pad :)

Tomorrow we’re going to Eugene to the big saturday market there, where we will eat good food and spy on soapmakers…*wink* I want to “borrow” some booth and packaging and pricing ideas. My mom is coming along so it should be great fun. I’m not sure what we’ll do on Sunday, but if it’s warm and sunny we’ll probably go swimming. I also have a little bit of work to do in the background, and more soapmaking will occur.

I love four day weekends. If only they happened more often. Boohoo.

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July 2nd, 2002

My job interview went well, but alas, they did not want to hire me. I’m so bummed out about that. It was a great job.

So, back to looking and soaping. If it seems like this is turning into all soap, all the time, it’s because that’s how things are getting in real life :) I’ve decided to go into business, and that takes tons of work and research. So, in between my class (theatre arts, more on that in a minute) and my internship, I’m obsessed with soapmaking and selling.

My only class for a few weeks is Introduction to the Theatre. It’s very fun, and I’m going to enjoy it a lot. Right now we’re covering history, which is fascinating. I love history! When my statistics class starts, things will be less fun. I hate statistics…

Happy Tuesday!

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