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August 30th, 2002

I am sick today. Icky, headachy, fevery, stuffed sinuses, stuffy chest sick. I hate it. I better feel better tomorrow!

We’re planning a major road trip for our vacation this summer (yes, summer…School doesn’t start until Sept 30). To Minnesota, and Omaha, and Phoenix and San Diego…I love road trips.

Ooooh…I can’t wait.

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August 26th, 2002
No Garbage Doubt

Saturday night we went out to see Carrie Akre‘s CD release party. She rocks!! If you like cool, independent (literally, she put her second record out herself) women, check her out. She is one of the best singers I’ve heard in a long time.

Speaking of music and singers, No Doubt is coming to Portland, with none other than Garbage!!! What a killer show! I don’t care how much tickets are (not on sale yet, boo hoo), we’re going to that one. It’s a must-see.

Monday. Snurf. I never liked Mondays much.

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August 23rd, 2002

Today was good! I found a Bookcrossing book today, and I released one which was promptly caught! How fun! After I read the one I found, I plan to release it in another city to see if it’ll travel a bit more. This has been so fun.

I thought I’d tout the virtues of “Oh My Cat!”. It’s personally my favorite perfume, and I highly recommend it. If you have cats, they’ll like it too. Really. My cat does.

It’s been a very lazy Friday. We had a power outage this morning, but it didn’t bother us much. I colored my hair the other day. It’s now sort of a berry-wine red color. Pretty.

Happy Friday!

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August 21st, 2002

I passed statistics!!! There is much rejoicing :)

Tomorrow (okay, today, but I haven’t gone to bed yet) I’m going shopping with my mom. She’s doing the school thing for my little brother and sister, and herself to a lesser extent, since she’ll be starting her teaching job. Have I mentioned I love to shop?

My supervisor came back from her two week vacation and was pleased (I think) by the work I did while she was gone. I’m really getting geared up for the election season…We’re trying awfully hard to defeat the anti-choice candidate for governor, and to defeat our incumbent Republican senator. This is a biggie, since the Senate is so close right now, it’s hard to believe an election in little ol’ Oregon is actually going to matter so much.

Anyway, no more school means more time for work and waaaay more time for soap. Soapdreams.com will be born soon. Life is good.

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August 19th, 2002

Our camping trip was great. Somewhat short, due to some overactive mosquitos and a mysterious beast, but very fun.

We hiked eight miles (round trip) on Saturday on a section of the Pacific Crest Trail. That’s the one that spans the West Coast from Canada to Mexico, if you didn’t know. I long to hike the whole thing, but I think I’d need to be Superwoman to do it. The little day hike we did was great, and the views at various points are superb. I love Oregon.

The mosquitos come from camping next to a lake (Breitenbush Lake) and some gorgeous wetlands. Wetlands+Standing Water=Mosquitos. Poor Burt’s Bees Insect Repellant tried hard, but couldn’t protect us enough.

The mysterious beast was stomping around our tent Saturday night, wuffling and snorting and generally scaring us to death. I’m pretty sure it was just some deer, but still… We were pretty high up in the mountains and not a whole lot of people were around. Needless to say, I had nightmares and we were ready to come home.

Welcome to Monday.

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