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August 14th, 2002

It was REALLY REALLY hot yesterday. Got up to 106 degrees, which I know might not be so unusual for some places, but that’s just crazy for the town I live in. I spent most of the day not moving much, kind of like my cat. We did take our walk, although I drank about a gallon of water when we got back.

So, tomorrow is the big day. The big statistics final. Ick. I’m in full-on denial mode, doing everything BUT think about statistics. Very Soon Now(tm) I will go do homework and make out my notes and study. I promise.

We’re going camping this weekend, but we still haven’t decided where. It’s a tossup between Olallie Lake (mmmm, huckleberries) and the coast. Any ideas?

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August 13th, 2002

I think I’m going to color my hair tonight. I just got it cut, and it’s quite short (summertime, I go mega-short for comfort). But I’m thinking bright red to celebrate the nearing end of summer. I love to play with the color, it’s so easy…

Anyway, Summer Term is almost over and I have to finish up my statistics and theatre classes. Statistics is a bugger, and I sure do hope I pass. If I don’t…well, I won’t even contemplate it.

Salmon for dinner, mmmmm… It was so cheap! Does salmon have a “season”? It was cheaper than snapper at the store, so I bought a huge filet to make a few meals of it. Yum. Oooh, fresh asparagus too. I love summer.

Okay, almost time for my nightly walk. I wish it weren’t so damned hot!! It’s in the triple digits today, typical August weather for Oregon. Hope it’s cooler tomorrow…

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August 9th, 2002

This is one of those inconsequential things that actually mean a lot to the weblogger…the apartment people washed our windows today! This is good because we live on the second story and don’t have our own ladder, and because the windows were so filthy we could barely see out them. Now they are sparkling clean again! It only took two months of badgering to get them to do it…grumble grumble.

Nachos tonight. No, not the icky fast food kind. The homemade kind with fresh ground beef, beans, lettuce, fresh guacamole, etc. So yummy. I can’t wait, I’m so hungry. The beans are heating and I want them NOW! Sigh. Patience is a virtue I so rarely have.

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August 7th, 2002
Read and Release

I found something cool today. It’s a site that lets you register books, make labels with unique ID numbers, and record where you left the book for someone else to find. Then, when someone else finds it, they can insert the ID number and record that they found it…thus, a book might travel around the world and I can track it’s progress…

Very cool. I am releasing two books into the wild this afternoon. You can sign up for this very gnifty website by clicking the button below :)

Read and Release

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August 6th, 2002

I’m sorry there hasn’t been anything here.

I’m tired. I’m stressed out.

When life gets better, I’ll post again. Maybe that will be tomorrow! (We hope.)

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