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October 18th, 2002
Luck (or lack of)

Today my mom had surgery again. She had a tumour removed from her small intestine and a bowel resection. We won’t hear until Tuesday if the tumour is malignant or not.

Coming on the heels of a summer of unpleasantness due to the massive complications from her gall bladder removal, this is not good news. I really want my mom to be healthy, and this is just too worrisome. I am very much hoping it’s just a benign, little nuisance tumour.

In other news, my advisor says I will officially graduate as long as I don’t have a meltdown this term. Complete my classes, and the diploma is in the mail. Woohoo.

We had lovely Indian food tonight. Man, I love that stuff. I’m so stuffed now, and determined to enjoy a Friday night despite all the bad news. Tomorrow I’m leading the 4H garden club meeting my mom usually does. It should be fun, I love working with the kids.

It’s getting harder to fight off depression these days…might be time to see the doctor again, maybe. I hate to do it, but I hate being depressed too. It sucks when your brain chemistry is against you.

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October 14th, 2002

So, I bought the camera. My mom said she’d help me out, so I went ahead and got it. I decided to see if I can find the normal lens (camera term, sorry, and not so easy to explain in a sentence) for it locally. Right now, it comes with a zoom, which isn’t very versatile. If not, it’s back to B & H for the lens. I’m so happy…it should be here by Friday, so it’ll be a weekend of new camera fun. After I read the manual, though. I’ve never used an autofocus before, only manuals…It makes me laugh because people on photography forums bemoan how hard it is to use manual cameras, how easy autofocus cameras are. I think the total LACK of bells and whistles on my old manual cameras makes them so much easier to use, but whatever. I also know how to use the zone system, which is baffling to most amateurs. I guess I’ll be a “professional” when I graduate, having an actual photography degree and all. How weird.

Oooh. Graduation. Degree. Professional. Ack! I’m so not ready for that. Can’t I just be a student forever? I’m already planning the ten different things I want to go to grad school for. I’ll have to pick though. Sigh.

“Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on. ” ~Led Zeppelin

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October 12th, 2002

Have you seen Postcardx? It’s very fun. You send random postcards to random people, and if you leave your address, random people will send postcards to you. It’s all very cool.

I bought a cute journal today. It’s to replace the one that was lost last time I tried to make a Nervousness LMAO out of it. LMAO stands for Land Mail Art Object, in this case, not Laughing My Ass Off like it usually does. Anyway, my Hot and Spicy Recipe Journal was lost by some miserable bad person, and I am starting it over again. I bought a cute little journal at the Book Bin, with a travel motif, since it’s going to travel to several countries this time. I hope I get it back. I also created a LMAO out of a textbook I can’t sell. I want it turned into an art project.

How come I can’t motivate myself anymore? Argh. I need St. John’s Wort, I think. I have some kind of evil malaise I can’t shake, sort of a combination of bad political situations, impending war doom, stress about being out of school and unemployed in December, and other issues. Yes, definitely St. John’s Wort. I need cheered up, big time. Any suggestions?

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October 11th, 2002
Dry and Chilly

It’s been dry and chilly this week. It wreaks havoc with my hair, making it all weird and floofy. (Floofy isn’t a word, but it sounds good…)

My first roll of 35mm film in ages came out bad. I screwed up putting it on the reel when developing it. Oops. Apparently developing film ISN’T like riding a bicycle…you CAN forget. Sheesh. The next roll was fine though, and I’m learning how to push process. That’s cool. My documentary project is going go be great, I’m documenting the costume shop.

Anyway, it’s Friday. This weekend I’m taking portraits of my mom’s cat. He was my childhood cat, and he has kidney failure. We want to remember him, after he’s gone. It’s sad, but will be a good project.

Hug your mom (if you can). They’re precious.

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October 7th, 2002

I took my camera in to get the flash hot shoe fixed today. My camera is an old Vivitar, very old. I love it. It’s extremely basic, no bells and whistles, everything manual. Did I mention I love it? It’s perfect, except that it has no flash.

The gentleman at the camera store told me it wasn’t worth it to fix the hot shoe. That it would cost more than the camera was worth. Noooo! So, very soon now it will be necessary for me to get a new camera. I’m eyeing this one. It’s fancy, but it sounds good.

I’ve been so sleepy today, I don’t know why. I was up late last night, but I still managed 5 hours sleep. I shouldn’t be THIS sleepy today. Hmmm. Just one of those things I guess.

No one is registering the books I release. I’m sad.

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