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October 7th, 2002
Shoes and stuff

I made the mistake of visiting Payless ShoeSource’s website today. I found a pair of shoes I want, so I ordered them… I can’t help it, they’re so cute! Here’s a picture. I’m a sucker for shoes.

I also went to B & H Photo’s site to order film. I find it’s cheaper to buy a whole bunch from them, even with shipping, then to get it locally. I buy all my paper and other supplies locally, but the savings on film is pretty significant. This is especially true since the local guys usually just don’t carry what I want, film-wise, and forget paying for special order.

I’m managing to avoid Sephora and Drugstore.com, but it’s hard. Argh, so many things to desire, so little money…the common lament.

Have a good week.

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October 4th, 2002
I Love Friday

I am SO sore today. Yesterday I went to my weightlifting for women class (I registered for it after the first class), and we did some weightlifting (duh!). I also worked my first day in the costume shop, putting away costumes. That involves lots of lifting and carrying, and some of those costumes are heavy! So, I’m sore today. Mmmm. The good kind of sore, where you’re muscles are going to get stronger.

We went to the first lecture in the seminar series we signed up for. It’s about Rachel Carson, and also about issues she was committed to. For example, please support marine reserves. You can learn more about them here.

Happy Friday!

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October 2nd, 2002

I had one of those intellectual moments today. It occurred while I was in my anthropology class, a grad class I’m taking for fun. The professor (who is awesome) was talking about theories of culture, and how it’s basically impossible not to bring your own biases to your observations. This reminded me of something discussed in a photography class: is a photograph showing reality, or have you destroyed reality when you took the picture? Is the photograph actually just what you wanted to see and not what was actually there? Ooohhh. Deep thoughts, man.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to some cross connections between my photography and my interest in anthropology. It’s all a Panarchy, I tell you…(inside joke).

Tomorrow I start in the Costume Shop. I can’t wait.

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October 1st, 2002

Today I am very excited. I got a job (work-study) working for the university costume shop (theatre costuming). I will get to use my vast sewing skills (all that 4H is paying off, Mom!) and the other women are really nice. I also like the manager, a professor whose theatre class I took this summer. I’m sooo looking forward to this. The only sad part is that I’ll only be able to do it for one term. Okay, that’s only partly sad, since I’ll be graduating instead.


I released two more books yesterday, but they haven’t been picked up/logged yet. I hope they do. I dug out a small stack more to release in the next few weeks. I am swept with this urge to clean out the cruft of my life…all those things I don’t need that can either be sold or given away, must be disposed of. I have too much STUFF. So, I’m starting with books. The ones I keep must be ones I really, really enjoy or belong to a series I’m collecting. The closets are next…

Today was sunny and warm. Mmmm. I love early fall in Oregon.

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