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November 26th, 2002

I am SO tired. I cannot wait until this term is over and I can resume some kind of normal sleeping schedule.

In the good news dept., a grassroot organization I like is hiring a full-time field organizer and administrative assistant. I’m going to apply for both of them, since I qualify for both, and see if I can get one of them.

Almost Thanksgiving…we haven’t decided what yet, but we’re going to do something fun on Thanksgiving. Freeciv (a computer game) or watch some movies, or something like that. I need more fun.

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November 24th, 2002
Turkey Jerky

I’ve been planning my Thanksgiving menu. Every year (well, since we’ve been married, which will be four years in December) we do our own thing for Thanksgiving. It’s partly for our sanity, and partly to establish a holiday that is our own. Our apartment isn’t big enough to hold all our relatives, on either side, otherwise I’d consider inviting them to come to us for Thanksgiving. So instead, we do our own thing, just the two (or three, if you count Tigerlily) of us. The sanity part comes in because you can’t just go visit ONE set of relatives (one of my two sets of parents and DH’s parents live within five minutes of each other) on TG without going to see the other set, and then you should *really* try to get down to see my dad if you’re going to be visiting at all…it turns into a head-spinning nightmare instead of a fun family thing, and I just won’t do it the week before Dead Week and finals.

So…I’m planning my menu. Turkey, of course, and mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce (made fresh this year, instead of out of a can), and pumpkin pies, and some kind of vegetable, and this year I’m going to live dangerously and make a NEW kind of stuffing. Instead of my usual basic celery-onion-sage stuffing, I’m making Chestnut stuffing. If I can find chestnuts locally, that is. I’ve seen them in at least one store, so I’m holding out hope.

I need to get the bread baked for it (I don’t like store-bought bread for much of anything, including stuffing) so it’s had a few days to dry out. It calls for whole wheat bread, which out to have a more rich taste than white bread. I better go check and make sure I have whole wheat flour… I think I’ll make it buttermilk whole wheat, it is more tender than a water-based bread. Or else I’ll throw an egg in. Egg breads are my FAVORITE because of how tender they are, even whole wheat ones. The extra protein is a bonus.

Mmmm….meal planning. I ought to be a party caterer.

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This is my 100th entry. Cool.

Turkish Night was fun. We had some kind of walnut chicken, and a pilaf-ish dish, and cheese and fruit and wine and halva and some deep-fried things like donut holes, but better tasting. My uncle showed slides from 1960-something when he was in the Air Force stationed in Turkey. They were great! It also reminds me that I should be shooting things I want to keep looking good on slide film because the colors stay true for SO MUCH longer than on print film. Just dig out your print photos from the 60′s–I bet they don’t look like they were taken yesterday. Slide film is just so much more stable. Of course, black and white is the MOST stable, but obviously has it’s limitations. Digital is okay too, because you can store the actual images on a CD or some other digital format, and there is no loss of information or color shifts. Poor color prints, they just don’t last.

Mmmm. Tomorrow I’m going to do something fun. I haven’t decided what, exactly, I’m going to do yet, but it will be fun.

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November 22nd, 2002
No War

The Peace March photos are up. You can see them here. They are somewhat large, so be forewarned and have patience. I scanned them to be higher quality.

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November 21st, 2002

I’ve been helping my cousin write a research paper for his art history class. He’s been using my computer, so I haven’t been online much lately.

This weekend, my mom and aunt have plotted to have a party on Saturday. They want it themed, so it’s “Turkey Day.” No, not turkey like gobble-gobble, Turkey like the country. Don’t ask me, I don’t know why either. But we’ll have yummy food and listen to music and watch a movie. Should be fun.

I keep thinking about Christmas ideas. I know one of these days, people will start bugging me for my list, and I don’t really want much. I guess I’ll have to brainstorm a few things. I bought some sea shells the other day to make ornaments. I’ll try to take a picture of them, so others can see. They’re so easy to make, it would be a fun project with children.

Ta ta! Enjoy Friday tomorrow…

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