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December 18th, 2002

The Two Towers was great! I really, really liked it, possibly more than the first one. Hard to say, I’ll have to watch the first one again. But it was fantastic, so go see it. It’s a long one though, 3 hrs.

We had lunch today with my aunt, uncle, and cousin at Oasis, our favorite Lebanese restaurant. Their food is SO GOOD. I had shish kabob, which absolutely melt in the mouth, on saffron rice, with this splendiferous tahini sauce and hummus and tabouli. Mmmm. I salivate just thinking about it, it’s so good. Luckily, my family liked it too, I was worried it might be too weird for them. It was a hit, so hooray.

We’re plotting the holidays. I’m getting tired already, just thinking about it. Oof. I think I’ll saponify to take my mind off it. Lime soap, maybe?

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December 17th, 2002

We’re going to see The Two Towers tonight, at one of the midnight showings. Crazy? Yes. But that’s what being graduated (both of us) and unemployed (me) is for. We don’t have to get up early in the morning tomorrow. In fact, I figure if we’re up in time to meet my aunt for lunch at noon, that’s good enough.

I ran out of chicken broth at some point and failed to put it on the list. Chicken broth is like onions in this house, one of those staple foods that ends up getting used all the time. I guess I use onions more (hardly a meal passes without onions in it), but I use an awful lot of chicken broth too. So I’m boiling a chicken, because I’m determined to make potato leek soup tonight, and I need chicken broth. Goodness only knows what I’ll do with the rest of the chicken, but the potato leek soup is going to be good.

I used my UPS shipper account for the first time today. I’ve had it for ages, in preparation for shipping stuff for Soap Dreams, but since Soap Dreams isn’t a web business (yet), I haven’t really used the UPS account. I sent off a package and the rate was cheaper than the consumer rate. Hooray.

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December 16th, 2002

My old bread machine died a while back. Well, it never actually quit working, per se, but it’s heating element or thermometer went wacky and it always overbaked the bread. The loaves would come out with half inch thick crusts, ick. It never could knead properly either, if you tried anything much heavier than plain white bread. True whole wheat was too much. So, I sent it to the bread machine graveyard (oh I hate throwing away appliances!! So much waste!!!) and have been making bread by hand when I want some. Store bread, unless it’s fresh-from-a-bakery-bread which costs too much to eat very often, is dreadful.

The consequences of this, of course, are that we simply didn’t eat bread so much. I love making it by hand, but it takes a lot of work and time, which I rarely have. I missed it. So did DH.

When Amazon stuck a Zojirushi bread machine in his “gold box” (one of those special offers things), he decided to make it our Christmas present and so he bought it. They were also offering free shipping, after all. After finals, he decided to surprise me by giving it to me early. A good decision, I think… I’ve been having a field day with it, trying out this and that. It works like a dream, on stiff dough, soft dough, sweet dough (the old machine would overly darken sweet doughs, burning the sugar), makes cakes and jam (!), and dough. I love it. Oh yes, I do. It’s whipping up a pound cake as we speak. Ahhhh. Bread machine heaven. I love fresh bread.

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December 14th, 2002
Mall Madness

Why oh why do I go to the mall every year during the holiday crush? Why do I do it? It’s family tradition, that’s why. I almost NEVER buy anything, but I drag myself along every year to browse with thousands of other cranky people.

People are getting mostly handmade gifts this year. No mall madness schlock. Hopefully, they don’t mind too much, because I’m broke.

Now I’m home, and happy to be here. I’m also out of goat milk, and I have to buy more before I can saponify again. The vanilla cookie soap smells delicious though. Next up is some chocolate soap for my (Ha! You thought I’d tell!!) a female relative, and then some grapefruit-scented stuff. I’m plotting my spring fragrances. Any ideas on great spring-y type scents?

Happy Saturday!

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December 13th, 2002
Vanilla Buttercream Cookie

Mmmm. I bought a “vanilla cookie” fragranced Yankee candle a while back, and decided that I needed to make some soap that smells like that. So I ordered the appropriate fragrance oils (an easter cookie AND vanilla buttercream, in case one wasn’t good enough) and they arrived today. Oh goodness, these smell divine alone, and I think I’ll combine them for the soap. This is sweet, vanilla goodness, lemme tell you.

Harry Potter was great, although I thought the first one was better. I did like how the characters are growing up though. Aren’t they just so cute?

It’s Friday night! I’m free! I hardly know what to do with myself. I have a huge stack of books to read, so that might be where I start. Free time…bliss. I’m a happy camper right now.

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