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January 31st, 2003

Planned Parenthood in Portland is hiring. I’m hoping they hire me. *crosses fingers*

Nothing much else new. Every day seems to blur together. I discovered my solid perfume jars were melting, so I’m having to throw away three batches of solid perfume. Argh. I’m going to have to switch to metal tins, since it seems like NO ONE sells little glass jars with metal lids in the United States. I could get them in the UK, but they won’t ship to me. Jerks.

That’s it. I’m hopefully going to Portland tomorrow to have lunch with a friend. Should be fun. I’d do a little retail therapy too, except I’m broke. Snurf. Happy Friday :)

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January 30th, 2003

Still no job. Bleh. Please, won’t you hire me?

I made three batches of soap tonight. Hooray for Martha Molds! Martha Molds are drawer organizers from Kmart (Martha Stewart brand) that you can line with freezer paper and use to make log molds. My gnifty mitre box and soap cutter came last week so I can cut my logs into nice chunky rectangular bars. I like the logs because…I can sprinkle botanicals on top of these soaps to make them look pretty. My shaped soaps can’t be sold at the market I’m hoping to get into (they’re SO SNOBBY about molds) so I wanted to make rectangular bars that were unique–hence the botanicals.

The citrus calendula came out GREAT! I sprinkled ground orange peel on top and now it’s all pretty and orangey. My orange spice swirl came out lovely too. Both of those should be listed on Soap Dreams later this week. Goat’s milk soap, anyone? (sorry. couldn’t help myself. I need orders)

Happy Midweek everyone! It’s almost another weekend!

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January 28th, 2003
Asian Store

Why is it I find all the cool things right before I’m going to move away? Tonight I stopped in to an Asian store I drive by every few days. I’ve never been in there before. DUH!!! Why didn’t I do this sooner? They have EVERYTHING, and it’s CHEAP! I bought half a pound of jasmine tea for under $2! I bought 6 lbs. of sea salt for $6 (yes, this is a GREAT price for sea salt). I bought frozen pot stickers which I ate with dinner, which knocked my socks off!

Silly, silly me. I should have stopped in three years ago, I’ve been meaning to do so for ages. They have just about everything you’d need to make a feast, including all the weird rare ingredients that the regular grocery doesn’t carry. I’m going back next week for more stuff, lol. Happy happy day.

I’m waiting (not too patiently) for bottles, jars, milk bath bottles, and some more fragrances. Waiting, waiting, waiting… I’m just not too patient today.

Made lavender/palmarosa soap. It smells sooo good. Citrus calendula is next on the list. I have saved all the orange peels from the last two weeks, to put ground orange peel on top. Mmmmm, pretty.

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January 27th, 2003

We went to see “Bowling For Columbine” last night. What a really interesting documentary. I agreed with most of it and I highly recommend it. Lots of good things for Americans (and the world) to think about, there. Good stuff.

That’s about all. It’s a dreary Monday here in Oregon.

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January 25th, 2003

We drove up the coast today. It rained all day, but the Oregon coast in the rain is still beautiful.

We ended up in Portland, which of course necessitated a trip to Powell’s. I bought several new books, including two new authors. Body of Intuition is supposed to have a heroine who can read auras and is sort of tied into supernatural things. Sounds interesting anyway, and the author’s name is Claire. I’m also trying Just Desserts by Mary Daheim. This is the first of a series of Bed and Breakfast mysteries. I’m such a sucker for themed mysteries, I just love them. Oh, the entertainment.

That’s about all. No orders at Soap Dreams yet. Dontcha need some goat’s milk soap? *grin*

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