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April 28th, 2003

Yep, I got hired today! Miraculous!!!!! No, really! I never would have imagined that I would find a job because of the Portland Saturday Market.


That’s my joyful yelp!

I’m so tired though. We’re still trying to move to my in-laws in Lebanon (Oregon, not the country) because we have to be out by Wednesday. I start my job on Wednesday, however, and I have to go back up tomorrow to complete the paperwork before I can start. Which means that tomorrow is totally ruined for me trying to help move us out–poor DH has to do most of it by himself, although his mother volunteered to help.

Also, I have NO IDEA when this week’s soap is going to get made. It’s just going to be a VERY TIRING week, and next week I intend to take it VERY EASY. I can’t not go to Market this weekend, it’s the pre-Mother’s Day rush and will be very profitable.

Oh the joys of Fate stepping in with blessings for which I have to work my tushie off. Can’t make it TOO easy…*grin*

Who cares…I’m employed!!

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April 27th, 2003
Back From The Market

Wow. This was a very cool weekend. I am a really happy person right now.

1) Someone showed up at the Market Saturday morning, almost an HOUR before it opened looking for me. Well, for Soap Dreams specifically. She wanted to buy some soaps for gifts, and she was in kind of a hurry because she was getting on a plane soon. We hadn’t even gotten set up yet, just had all our stuff piled on the big haul-em cart. No problem though, I flipped open a box (which just happened to be Lavender Blossom and Oh Honey!, two of my best selling soaps), she snagged two, and off she went. That was AWESOME! She came looking for MY product, didn’t even care that I wasn’t set up yet. It rocked.

2) I won’t be saying as much about this because it’s a Very Big Corporation, but a lady came to the Market today, and stopped at my booth… Mentioned she had just started a new job, and something about how lucky she was to get a job in the economy. I said “Yeah, I’ve been looking since December.” She said, “Oh really? In what field?” Me: “Secretarial work.” Her: “Send me your resume. Can you interview tomorrow?” Me: “YES!!!”

So… the email with the resume will be sent off muy pronto tonight, and I’m crossing my fingers.

And that folks, is a good Market Weekend.

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April 25th, 2003

I want to make this hat, with Lion Brand Fun Fur in Glacier 202. Or alternatively, with the Valeria di Roma Cisne at Elann, in Sepia or Turquoise. I plan on using purple acrylic yarn (because I’m cheap) or else white yarn if I were to use Turquoise furry yarn.

Off to the market this weekend. Next week will be sketchy too, we’re (finally) moving in with my in-laws.

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April 24th, 2003
Tim Robbins

I liked this speech by Tim Robbins. I think more people need to read it.

‘A Chill Wind is Blowing in This Nation…’

I also thought this Ted Rall article was good. I particularly thought the bit about OPEC at the bottom was interesting. Corporate Vultures Swoop Into the Killing Fields

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April 22nd, 2003
Just One Girl

A chick after my own heart… Just One Girl. I love it.

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