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April 22nd, 2003
Scary Claire

I finished my knitted hat. This is the roll stripe watch cap pattern from Yankee Knitter. You can buy it here. I really like The Naked Sheep because they have free shipping. Free shipping is good.

I used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in M75 Blue Heirloom and M11 White Frost. This is 85% wool/15% mohair, and it feels just lovely. The blue is a lot brighter and more aqua than it appears on the Brown Sheep website. It’s not quite accurate in this photo either. Visit your local yarn shop to actually see it yourself.

I have scary red eye in this photo. I cannot be blamed if it frightens small children. No comments on my looks, either.

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April 21st, 2003
Fabric Lust

I shouldn’t spend so much time on the internet. It’s bad for my wallet. Or would be, if I didn’t keep it padlocked.

Check out this fabric. I desperately want some to make a knitting bag (you know, a bag to carry your current work-in-progress). I love it!!! I want it!!!

I also really want this beehive hat pattern from Two Old Bags. I love it! It’s SO CUTE! It’s FELTED!

I really think the kitty dim sum is way too cute. These people sell the world’s best catnip. I know, I have two of their cat toys for Tigs and Muffin. They are also vendors at the Market and traded cat toys for soap. Bartering, it’s the way to do business *grin* If you’re going to make kitty dim sum, you should put the best catnip in them.

I am pathetic.

Oh, and I just discovered eBay has yarn and knitting stuff. Wool! Knitting needles! Books! Yarn winders! I didn’t need this… but it’s like a big garage sale! Cheap! The needles I’ve purchased so far have been very good deals.

Sigh. Job. Must have job to fund habits. Soaping is paying for itself, but yarn is not. Must have job.

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April 20th, 2003

As it turned out, there was not internet when we got home. DH called STUPID Comcast again, only to learn that our account had been expunged from their system sometime AFTER their employee told me everything was hunky-dory and our internet would be restored on Saturday. What a lie.

It is, however, back now. Goodness only knows what kind of crapola will ensue after this phone call, but at least I can read my email.

Today was a dismal sales day at the market. It was also cold, and generally unpleasant. However, we are only four market days away from applying for a permanent space. That translates into just two more weekends. Yippee!

I need a day job. Or else, to sell a whole lot more soap. That’s a distinct possibility right now. Production increases each week, as sales (generally) go up.

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April 19th, 2003
Comcast Sucks

On Wednesday, DH called to schedule the shut-off of our utilities–the usual, phone, power, cable internet. Stupid, STUPID STUPID Comcast IDIOTS decided that “Shut off service on the 30th” meant “Shut off service TOMORROW!” which is what they did. So, we have been without internet at home, since those MORONS have a 48 hour “policy” waiting time before they can turn our service back on. So… they can turn it OFF in no time at all, but according to their idiot call center tech (“tech”) “the machines” need 48 hours to restore service. What I thought about this yesterday verged onto the extremely profane, so maybe it’s good I didn’t have blog access. I have tried very hard to avoid swearing excessively, in keeping with the blogsnob rules. But believe me, yesterday (Friday) about all I had were many, many, varied four letter words.

On Friday, I decided to call the job people. I didn’t get the job. So, job call. No Job. This added to the profanity.

Unemployed. Soon to be indigent (indigent defined as being unable to actually keep a roof over my head and food on my table). We’ll be moving in with my inlaws by the 30th.

Today was good at the market. We did decently, despite the holiday weekend. I expect tomorrow will probably be dismal though.

If you need a computer consultant, DH is looking for a job too. He’s good. Really.

I’m at a friend’s house tonight. There BETTER be internet access when I get home tomorrow. If I don’t post tomorrow, you can bet I’ll be cussing again…;)

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April 16th, 2003

No job call. No rejection letter. Still waiting.

I made four batches of soap last night. I’m getting tired of making the same thing each week (lavender, honey oatmeal, cucumber melon) but they sell so well, so I feel like I have to.

I’m out of cucumber melon fragrance oil now and the company is out of stock, so until I get some more, I’ll have to sub some other sweet smelling scent in its place. More blackberry, maybe, or the love spell dupe.

That’s it. Sorry. My life is pretty uninteresting right now, even to me…

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