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April 15th, 2003
Tax Day

We owed the Feds $890 in self-employment tax. I dare any wealthy person to whine about their tax burden. We are both unemployed, we DO NOT qualify for unemployment compensation because we were a student employee (me) and self-employed (DH). We had to put it on a credit card. To think that the Shrub is going to spend it all on the military really angers me.

No job call.

If anyone would like to help me out, feel free to buy soap! *crass advertising*

It’s really a lovely product, I’ve had repeat customers now at the market. The market is currently my only source of income, and while it has the potential to add up to a part-time job by the time tourist season kicks in, it’s not quite paying the bills yet. It *is* making as much as I was making as a student employee though. That was a cool realization :)

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April 14th, 2003

No job call. No rejection letter either. We’re still waiting.

In other annoyances, Airborne Express has lost a package of soapmaking supplies I desperately need. The driver claims he left it on my doorstep, but I never got it. In the meantime, no soapmaking can occur. I’m going to have to insist that replacements are overnighted to me. What a complete hassle.

Grumble grumble. I’m very cranky today.

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I’d like to make it plain I DO NOT support the actions of my government. I do NOT support taking the “war” to Syria. I DO NOT support allowing human rights violators do policing in Iraq. I say NO.

Scandal-Hit US Firm Wins Key Contracts

Syria Could Be Next, Warns Washington

Additionally, I found this totally appalling. According to the Syria article, the US is targeting Syria as a favor to Israel (okay, that’s not exactly how it’s put, but that’s basically how it reads to me), all the while Israel is killing and maiming unarmed peace activists trying to protect innocent children?? Is that not terrorism? Hello?? Killing unarmed civilians, TARGETING them, is terrorism to me.

I’m starting to feel like I’m living in some punk’s fantasy world. A big neo-conservative wet dream, and it’s disgusting.

End rant.

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April 11th, 2003
No Calls

I didn’t get any calls today :( But… It’s still early for that!

I went to meet a really cool woman today, who raises sheep and spins the wool. Together with another woman, she owns a small company to sell the wool for spinning. We talked about soap, and wool, and sheep, and weaving… She also taught me how to use a drop or hand spindle, which was sooo cool. You can make one yourself using a dowel, a hook, a CD, and a gasket. Gnifty!!

It was a great visit. I had so much fun!

Tomorrow is the start of another Market Weekend! Hopefully, lots of money will be made and the weather won’t suck TOO much…

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April 10th, 2003

I managed to rope my cousin into painting the Soap Dreams logo onto an old board I’m turning into my booth sign. It’s actually a piece of deck board I salvaged from my parents’ house. They had their deck totally redone (it was in bad shape), so they got a small bank loan to put in a whole new deck, and do some remodeling on their house. Their new deck is made out of Trex, this totally awesome wood/plastic composite that is made from recycled grocery bags and reclaimed wood.

Anyway, the old deck board is suitably weathered looking and the right size, so I snagged a piece, got my dad to cut it down to size, and now my logo is painted on it. I have to do the lettering and drill some holes for the hooks to hang it.

My totally gnifty restaurant number stands also arrived–these are neato little metal stands that hold cards up–supposed to be for table numbers. I’m going to use them to hold up the price/description cards for my booth display. They work perfectly for this, and were pretty inexpensive too. Now I just need to print up the cards and my display will look about 100% better this weekend, what with the cards and my big wooden sign.

Tomorrow, production kicks into high gear. I need to make a bunch of stuff up for the weekend, and besides… It staves off anticipation/agony about the job thing. Oh please, oh please, oh please…. Hire ME!!!

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