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August 22nd, 2003
Pay to Play

Emma sums up rather nicely in this post why the taxpayers of Portland shouldn’t have to pony up for the pResident’s security when he comes to town to fundraise. I agree with her completely. If the pRez wanted to have an open forum (even if it was invitation only, to leaders of various groups) that was free, hey, more power to him and I’m happy to fork over some tax money for it. But he came to fundraise for himself, not to do any favors for the state of Oregon.

Emma also blogs on Notes On The Atrocities, which I read regularly.

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August 20th, 2003

I’m really cranky and just in a complete pisser of a mood.

I think this stupid medication is making me feel more bad than it is making me feel good and I’m tempted to just flush the rest of it.

Oh, and the pResident will be clogging things up here tomorrow. I wouldn’t be so pissed except that the City of Portland will probably end up footing his security bill again, just so he can host a $2000 a plate political fundraiser. His stupid campaign should be footing the bill, not taxpayers like myself. I pay taxes, so the Shrub can have a $2000 a plate political fundraiser in my town.

Hence, the pisser of a mood. I wish he’d just stay out of my state.

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August 19th, 2003
More or less?

A while back, Howard Dean was pilloried in the press for being slightly off on his estimates of troops in action in Iraq, and how many troops are active today. Dean had this to say:

“For me to have to know right now, participating in the Democratic Party [primary], how many troops are actively on duty in the United States military-when that is actually a number that’s composed both of people on duty today and people who are in the National Guard . . . it’s silly,” Dean said. “That’s like asking me who the ambassador to Rwanda is.”

His questioner on Meet the Press responded: “Oh, no, no, no. Not at all,” Russert replied. “Not if you want to be commander in chief.”

So, it is with great interest that I read on CalPundit that the actual Commander-in-Chief actually doesn’t have a clue. Bush Revises Views On ‘Combat’ in Iraq. The pRez says: “We’ve got about 10,000 troops there, which is down from, obviously, major combat operations,” he said. According to the article, 10,000 represents the HIGHEST number of troops in Afghanistan, not a declining number.

Hello? Howard Dean nails a pretty good ballpark estimate of active duty troops in Iraq (considering he doesn’t have insiders at the DOD to feed him numbers), and gets slammed for not being exact. But will the pResident catch any heat for not having a clue that 10,000 represents the highest number of troops in Afghanistan? Not likely.

Talk about hypocrisy.

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I thought this editorial in today’s Oregonian summed up very nicely my thoughts on the Harley party last weekend.

For anyone who is keeping track, it was more than just a nuisance. I work on the weekends. Saturday nights, I’m usually really tired from doing market all day and I like to get to bed early to do it all over again on Sunday. I try to be asleep by 10 or so.

The party noise didn’t end until 10. It was really, really loud. The motorcycle noise (which sounds like jet airliners taking off up and down our streets) didn’t quit until about 11:30. Forget going to bed early. I was tired and grumpy on Sunday, and pissed off.

As the article says, the event should have taken place in Waterfront Park. A residential neighborhood is NO place for an event of that size or type. Also as the article points out, they would NEVER have located a party like that in one of the “rich” neighborhoods. Why do we have to host it then? Because the Park Blocks is home to students, lower-income people, and the elderly? Hey man, we have a right to some peace and quiet too.

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I’m in an uncomfortable place where I hate my anti-depressant medication, so I haven’t been very regular about taking it lately. But I can feel my mood slip into negativity and depression. I must get off this stuff and switch to something better…I just hate the stuff I have now, it makes me feel like a zombie all morning, until about 1 or 2 pm.

Soap Dreams continues to get an order a week. Oh, feel the love! I’m happy about that.

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