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September 29th, 2003

I really meant to update this weekend, I really did. But somehow, I never felt like writing anything, so I didn’t…

I had a nice weekend. I needed a break, badly. I slept in both days (no alarms!), we watched half of the 10th Kingdom, I made some yummy meals, and soap.

At the market, there is a man who sells cajun seasonings. This stuff is really, really good. No, really. Yum. I have the regular cajun seasoning, but DH bought me a bottle of his cream sauce seasoning. I made alfredo with several healthy shakes of it, yesterday. It was excellent. His website doesn’t seem to work correctly, so I suggest coming to the market on a Saturday and buying it in person. He’s really nice and quite entertaining.

It was dark when I work up this morning. It was only barely lighter when I got to work. I think it’s going to be a very dreary day. Oh well, I’m making lots of soap tonight. I recently discovered how cool rice bran oil is, and apparently a Cash and Carry in Tigard sells it in gallons. I need to go buy some more.

Oooh, Monday. I shall attempt to have a good one…

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September 26th, 2003

I don’t have much to say. I’ve been grappling with some legal issues relating to my business, and it’s very tiring. Sadly, I don’t think there is an easy solution to the problem, so I’m very unhappy about it all.

I’m taking this weekend off from the Market. I need it.

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September 24th, 2003
Excuse me, what?

So there’s been quite a flap in Portland about the county commissioners and the library. The chairwoman of the library offered a salary of $138,000 to a candidate, who heads Washinton DC’s public library system. That, in my opinion is a ridiculous sum of money. The county commissioners approved her appointment at $120,000 a year, which I still think is too much.

Consider this (according to an Oregonian article): Raphael, the candidate, is going to retire from the DC system before coming to Portland, thus drawing a pension. How much? $98,600 a year. This woman is going to get almost a hundred thousand dollars a year from her pension alone. With her salary, she’ll be making well over $200,000 a year. Gee, isn’t that enough money Molly? Surely you can manage on a $120,000 a year salary, what with your pension and all. After all, lots of other county departments have had to stave off pay increases or make staffing cuts. We all have to make sacrifices.

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September 23rd, 2003
Vote Schmote

Salon.com is running a good article/interview about voting machines and possible election fraud. Read it here. The day pass thing takes about 30 seconds and is worth your time, to read the article.

This mess scares the crap out of me. If a candidate or candidates can’t win the election, they’ll just buy themselves a voting machine company… It bothers me a ton that the CEO of Diebold (one of the major voting machine companies) has promised to deliver Ohio to the president, and is a large contributor to the Republican party. Just how are you going to deliver Ohio, sir?

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September 22nd, 2003
Good Coat

DH remembered, after I left for work, that he had stuffed my coat into a bag of stuff while we were packing up. I didn’t know this, and he didn’t remember it when I asked before I left for work. So my coat wasn’t stolen. Which is good.

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