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December 22nd, 2003

It’s been a long few days. The last weekend of the market wasn’t spectacular, but it was respectable. I have devoted customers now (devoted defined as having bought soap from me three or more times). That’s exciting.

We bartered for several items (for gifts) which was really cool. I couldn’t have afforded them cash-wise, but I’m happy to trade products.

DH is really sick this morning. I’m hoping to nurse him along today, so he’s well enough for his interview tomorrow. I’m hoping our flu shots will shorten the severity and duration of it, if it is flu…but that might be wishful thinking. I’ve been running a low grade (99.5) fever for two days now, but I’ve been trying to ignore it. I don’t have time to be sick right now. I can be sick NEXT week, after Christmas.

I can’t believe Christmas is three days away. Weird. It’s been a rocket ride this month…

Happy Monday! Today is my little brother’s birthday. He’s 14.

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December 18th, 2003

DH has a job interview, for a job that is pretty darn good. It pays well. For the record, he has been looking for a permanent job for almost exactly a year (since we graduated from OSU last December).

Please let him get this job. We need it.

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Shameless Plug

If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, please come on down to the Portland Saturday Market this weekend. It’s our last weekend for the season, and I would love to see everyone do well and end the year on a high note. It’s been a tough, tough year for crafters and artists–when the economy suffers, people buy cheap consumer goods from China, not handmade artisan-quality stuff made right here in the Pacific Northwest…

You can ride the MAX in and get off at the Skidmore Fountain stop, so you don’t even have to hunt or pay for parking. While some things are expensive, lots of vendors have beautiful stuff in the reasonable price range. Buy unique gifts this year for the people you love, not more schlock from Wal-Mart…

The Festival of the Last Minute is running right now, which means the market is open every day from 12/17-12/24. If you can’t make it this weekend, you can come any day up to Christmas Eve. But the most vendors will be there this weekend (including me! *grin*). Come sing with the holiday cow! Support your local economy! You know you wanna!

(This will be the last time for at least a week I shamelessly plug for my business and my friends. I promise.)

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December 17th, 2003
From The Job Files

I browse through Craig’s List (for Portland) frequently, looking for anything interesting for DH, or possibly for myself.

I found this posting something cross between hilarious and insulting. Mostly, I think that their definition of “fantastic pay” (10 dollars an hour, plus or minus) is a crock of $hit. There is no WAY I would do what sounds like a hell of a job for a cranky, irritating employer on ten bucks an hour. I make more than that, and my salary is considered low for a highly skilled admin.

However, I suppose there are probably people out there (okay, I KNOW there are) who are desperate enough to apply and to take such a job–so bozos who post listings like that can get away with it.


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December 16th, 2003

Salon is running an article about the protests in Miami and the extreme response of the police. It’s nothing short of appalling, to say the least. You can read it here. You have to watch a short commercial to read it, but please do. This stuff has got to get out.

From the article:

“Videos taken at the scene show protesters being beaten with wooden clubs, shocked with Taser guns, shot in the back with rubber bullets and beanbags, and pepper-sprayed in the face. Retirees were held handcuffed and refused water for hours. Medics and legal observers, arrested in large numbers, say they were targeted. A female journalist, arrested during a mass roundup, was made to strip in front of a male policeman. A woman’s entire breast turned purple-black after she was shot there, point-blank, with a rubber bullet. ”

‘”We had hundreds of people we were trying to move up near the amphitheater. There were seniors, unions members, young people, environmentalists. Every one of them made a conscious decision not to be in the stuff happening in the street.” But the police followed them. “The cops came up the hill, tear-gassed us and shot people with rubber bullets. They pepper-sprayed a senior citizen in his 70s who was sitting in a chair completely away from any kind of problem, without provocation.”

It was, says Acuff, “a police riot.”‘

“Then she was taken into a tent with one female officer and one male officer. The back of the tent was open, and other male officers could see in. ‘They told me to take off all my clothes and put them in a trash can, and that I was not going to get them back.’ She asked the male officer to leave first, but all he would do was turn around. Then, when she was naked, he turned back to face her. ”

This stuff is outrageous, folks. This should not be America, but if the people in power (police, politicians) have there way, this will be repeated in YOUR town the next time there is a protest.

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