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February 29th, 2004
Leap Year

I think Leap Year rocks. I’m not sure why, beyond the fact that I think it’s cool that it’s a day we only have once every four years. Also, I’ve been thinking about all the babies born today… I’m not sure if it would suck or be totally cool to have a leap year birthday… I mean, you could have a BIG party every four years, and guilt trip your friends and family the other three. Would you want to celebrate on March 1 or February 28? Or maybe both days? Some kind of flash midnight party?

Obviously it’s late and I’m tired… *grin*

Anyway, I had to put up some kind of obligatory Leap Year post.

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February 28th, 2004

I’ve had one of those weeks where it’s been like “Where do I start?”…

There was my frustration with my boss, who is going to France on a business trip, taking his wife, and wanted to stay at this particular hotel because it’s close to the McDonalds, where they can get “normal food.” Normal food? Why do these people have money to go to France and I do not???

I had a lovely time last night accompanying my mom to an ARC (website here) dance in her community–she teaches in special education at the local high school, so I got to meet some of her students (and former students). Take home messages: people w/o disabilities need to get over themselves already. For example, my mom’s students aren’t welcome at the prom. Why the hell not?? They’d have a great time dancing, but the typical students (typical being the correct term for kids w/o disabilties, not normal or regular) don’t want them there–too disruptive, or they’d ruin the prom, or whatever. Well, screw ‘em. ALL students should be welcome at the prom. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for what these folks face from the “typical” folks out in the world. Makes me SO angry. I’m definitely lining up to become an advocate for folks with developmental disabilities–someone has to speak up for these folks, who are silenced and invisible in our communities because that’s how the “typical” folks want it.

I’m also having a career crisis. At some point, it hit me that I owe thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loans for a degree I’m not even using. This is the definition of stupid. It’s time to get out my camera and start using it as a force for positive change. Now, to find a darkroom I can use, cheap…

I’m also having something of a spiritual crisis. Perhaps more on that later.

Happy Saturday folks. Call up your mom (or some mom figure in your life) and tell her you love her.

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February 22nd, 2004
Women Heroines

I thought this story about two Afghani women who cleared their village of cluster bombs was really amazing. Yes, perhaps the women were foolhardy and lucky they weren’t killed, but I think the bravery they displayed was nothing short of breathtaking. These women are heroines, and I salute them.

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Be Afraid

Be very afraid…

With some interest, I read this article about a leaked Pentagon document talking about climate change. It makes for, umm, somewhat harrowing reading.

It’s also a huge slap in the face to the “Climate Change Doesn’t Exist” Bush administration.

A news search at Yahoo! News for “pentagon climate change” will yield an AFP story about it, also. I wonder if this will hit the mainstream media?

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Ego, Folly, or What?

In 2000, I voted for Ralph Nader. Yes, I did. No, I’m not sorry. Why?

1. I didn’t know Oregon would be as close as it was. I figured the state would go for Gore (and it did), so I voted for Nader. If I lived in a state where it seemed like it would have been close, I would have voted for Gore. If I’d known how close it was going to be in Oregon, I wouldn’t have done it.

2. I was hoping that the Green Party would get enough votes to get the 5% needed to qualify for federal matching funds.

However, this year I will NOT be voting for any third party candidate. I will NOT be voting for Ralph Nader, and I hope that no one else does either.

But… somehow I’m not sure that he’s going to be the huge threat that everyone is making him out to be. I’m guessing that the majority of voters who voted for him in 2000 (like myself) will not vote for him again. The risk is too high. I still would like to see the Green Party get federal matching funds, but it will just have to wait.

If a well-known uber-conservative third party candidate would like to run, I would probably send their campaign money… why? Conservative folks like my in-laws don’t want to vote for Bush, but they aren’t going to vote for a Democrat either. If there was some really conservative third-party guy running, they would probably vote for him (and that’s two less votes for Bush!).

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