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March 31st, 2004
The Argh Files

Isaac Laquedem (blog here) has a great post about the massive waste of money that is Portland’s plan to relocate Fire Station 1.

I went to the Portland Public Market site (here) and was pretty alarmed to see that this plan means totally displacing the Portland Saturday Market. Yeah, yeah, they give a one-liner about how they’re not “replacing” the Saturday Market, but somehow it looks like a death knell to me. The market has been at that location for 31 years and it looks like we’re going to get steamrolled by people with more money.

I couldn’t see anywhere on their plans where they intend to move us to, and with my knowledge of the area, I can’t figure out where we’d end up (there just isn’t that much room around there for both). Besides, I can assure you personally that it’s not gonna work taking away our under-bridge space — sales will be SO BAD if we are entirely outdoors (the folks stuck outdoors on rainy days do poorly, as a rule) that the market will collapse. The market runs from March – December. I just can’t see that being possible if we are entirely outdoors. It’s the allure of shopping UNDER THE BRIDGE WHERE IT’S DRY that draws so many people on rainy days. How can we survive if they take that away?

This whole thing makes me so sad. I guess I’ll start attending PSM board meetings to find out what’s going on, and if possible, voice my objections. I don’t think I’m the only member who finds this whole thing a total scam.

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March 29th, 2004
Claire Luna

[shameless self-promotion]

My new website is almost finished. I’m rather proud of it…:)

Claire Luna Handmade soap and other fine products for your bath!

[/shameless self-promotion]

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Politics and the military

There’s a good article by Barbara Ehrenreich (who’s going to speak at OSU in April, for any Oregonians interested) at Common Dreams — read it here.

I think it’s unbelievable that military families are on food stamps. Unbeliveable.

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March 25th, 2004

Nothing much new here, so it’s been quiet. I was feeling sick on Tuesday, woke up at 5 am with a splitting headache which didn’t go away. Ick.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

I’m pleased to report that my business turned a profit last year. Not a big one, but not bad for our first “official” year in business. Here’s to this year being better–*grin*

I can’t wait until Friday… I need a break.

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March 20th, 2004
So Tired

We had another nice day at the Portland Saturday Market today. The weather cooperated (except for the blasted wind) and tomorrow is supposed to be nice. Sales weren’t bad (especially compared to last March).

But I’m just exhausted. I’m definitely not back into the swing of working seven days a week.

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