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April 19th, 2004
Me Too!

Ask Questions is a website that, according to them, “collects popular questions and reports them to the media – to tell them what’s on YOUR minds, not theirs. And we raise donations and hire journalists to answer the most popular questions that nobody else has answered.” It seems pretty cool.

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April 18th, 2004
Alive and Well

It’s been days since I’ve updated. Oops.

I sorta just had to step back and take a break from things for a while. I was really unhappy, but then I spent a few days studying French and making soap, and I feel better.

Saturday was another good day at the market. It’s beyond cool when you are able to start RECOGNIZING your repeat customers. I’m really, really trying to have people’s favorites always in stock — this isn’t an exact science, because I always seem to have someone come up and ask for the one soap I’ve decided to discontinue because it didn’t sell well… This weekend, some people came up and begged DH to convince me to make some more “clovermint” soap — what I call a clove/spearmint blend, that’s a TOTAL PITA to make because the clove EO makes soap “seize” — basically, instead of slowly getting thick like a nice sauce, it’s turns to what soapers call “soap on a stick.” Totally solid, in about five seconds flat. But DH talked me into it, so now there’s Clovermint soap on the website.

Speaking of the website, I finally got it pretty much finished. No specialty soap yet, and no gift baskets, but everything else is there. Go me…

We went to see Kill Bill Friday night. I liked it.

Anyhoo…. Once again, soapmaking sustains me. I’m so glad I haven’t gotten tired of it yet — it’s the only thing I’ve undertaken to do that I’ve maintained an interest in for a few years now. I think it’s a sign I should be a career soapmaker.

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April 13th, 2004
Lightening up

I hate leaving things all full of negativity around here, so I wanted to post this link to a totally addictive game: Hangaroo. The puzzles on that site are fun too. It’s a really good way to waste some time, lemme tell you. You gotta have sound though — it’s not as funny without the sound.

Enjoy. Do feel free to leave links to your favorite timewasters in my comments. I’m always trolling for new games…

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One More Thing

While I’m venting, I figured I’m mention that the CEO of the Very Big Corporation where I work (where I’m a temp, whose contract expires soon, and they “can’t” hire me permanently) received a $1.5 million dollar bonus for 2003 — a 41% increase over 2002′s bonus. Gee. How nice. Maybe he can buy another property in Aspen with it.


I’m starting to hate those a$$holes. I’d quit tomorrow, except I need the money.

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What’s next?

DH got his rejection letter from PSU today: no grad school for him next year.

What a crappy day.

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