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August 30th, 2004

Finally. I think I’ve probably mentioned this too many times already (since we’ve moved about five times in six years), but I hate moving.

But we’re done, turned in the keys at about 1:30 am last night and dragged ourselves home and to bed.

DH’s first day of work at his new job is today. I can’t wait to hear how it’s going.

Oy. I’m at a loss for words. Moving sucks the life out of you. My little brother and sister came up to help us. They are 14 and 13, respectively, and very helpful. My sister wrangles small farm animals and heaves feed sacks (just like I did at her age, although now I heave 5 gallon buckets of soapmaking oils). My brother weighs as much as DH, although he isn’t as tall (but he is SOLID) and can lift pretty much anything. That kid is a tank, and he’s still growing. He’s playing water polo this fall (his freshman year of high school). He would be playing football, but some knee problems (related to growing so fast) rule this out — water polo will be good for him anyway.

The soap business is taking a little hiatus — all the soapmaking stuff is currently in a storage unit, waiting until the soap workshop is ready. I hope we can get that all painted, etc. next weekend so we can move stuff in the weekend after that. In the meantime, I can only fill orders from current stock. I think I need to put up a notice to that effect on my website… I’m in Saturday Market withdrawal though. I’m looking forward to having some autumn scents and then some holiday scents. I have a bunch of new stuff I want to make that I doubt will sell well the rest of the year (really spicy scents, with the exception of cinnamon vanilla, don’t sell that well the rest of the year).


I’m tired…

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August 26th, 2004
Access at OSU

Good story today in Corvallis’ newspaper — Survey: Disability access at OSU improves.

I graduated from OSU in 2002. It’s great that campus administration has started to address some of the issues. However, I have to agree with a statement at the end of the article.

Clark hopes that the updated accessibility survey will lead to more upgrades at the university. He is also pushing to include accessibility issues on upcoming university fund-raising drives.

“I get called up all the time by people asking me to donate money (to the university),” he said. “How come they never say this money is for installing an elevator in Withycombe? Disabilities should be on that list, too.”

I completely agree, and griped about it a lot when I was still at school. Sometime in 2001 the university put up a bell tower by the library — it’s utterly unremarkable, and you can’t hear the bells if you’re more than a block away, so what’s the point? Oh, but it was a “gift” to the university. Personally, I think upgrading a few buildings for access is a much more useful gift that actually benefits students.

If and when I’m rich and famous (or just rich, or even sorta rich) I would like to donate enough to install an elevator in an OSU building that doesn’t have one — I personally think it would be much more memorable (to some students, anyway) to have the Claire Lundberg Elevator than the Claire Lundberg Big Pile Of Useless Bricks.

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August 23rd, 2004
Rain and Canadians

On Saturday, we were in Gig Harbor, WA for a renaissance faire. We were having a decently good day, until the sky opened up and it poured buckets of rain down upon us. The customers promptly fled, and we sat around like drowned rats until six pm. Because the damp was having a decidedly negative effect on my merchandise, we didn’t go back on Sunday. Since it apparently poured buckets of rain on Sunday, this was a good decision…

Instead, we decided to drive to Vancouver BC for the day, to scope things out for a potential vacation later this year. I want to stay for a week in early January, for our sixth anniversary. Now that both DH and I are gainfully employed, we actually will have money for such endeavors. (As an aside, we stayed in a Motel 6 this weekend, and vowed it would be the last time we would do so…)

Vancouver was interesting. It will be fun to stay for several days for our vacation.

But for anyone who has lived there, a few questions. WHAT is with the blinking green lights?? Some blink, some don’t, and we couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

Why do NONE of the phone booths (when you can find one, they seem rare) have phone books? Every American city I’ve been in, when I wanted to find something, I parked by a phone booth and hit the yellow pages. Not being able to do this in Vancouver proved frustrating…

On the plus side, we had fantastic Indian food in a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant we stumbled across, and generally had a lovely time in the city.

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August 20th, 2004

The last two years have been really interesting. In August of 2002 I was worrying about finishing the summer term classes I was taking and trying to avoid worrying about what would happen in December when we finished school. In August of 2003, I was busy selling soap every weekend, and worrying about money (what else?) and trying to survive some icky anti-depressants.

This year it’s different.

This year I got a really good job, working for a non-profit organization whose mission I totally support, that pays pretty good. This year we have moved into a cute little studio apartment on NW 23rd. All our furniture fits without seeming cramped and did we mention the location? We live upstairs from a McMenamins, for crying out loud. I hop on a bus and am at work in about ten minutes.

This year my soap business is doing really well. I’m moving the soap into its own workshop next month, no longer having the desire or space to live with it any more. Soap workshop! Too cool!

This year I have health insurance. I’m going to the dentist next week. I’m going to a doctor in a couple of weeks for a check up. Amazing.

But the best part is, this year, DH has a job. A permanent, full-time, good salary and benefits for a company who does cool stuff type of job. The kind where we just vaulted from working poor to firmly middle class. We earn more than my parents do, now. We earn more money than I’ve ever had in my life. We won’t have to worry about money. We won’t have to borrow from family because the car needs new tires or I’m short and can’t pay for my medication this month, or the power bill was a lot higher than expected.

We have been working for a long time, waiting for this moment. I feel like I’ve arrived.

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August 12th, 2004

Somehow, this shouldn’t surprise me.

Family Booted Over T-Shirts

A husband, wife, and daughter were attending a rally to hear Bush speak, when a campaign worker confiscated a shirt the wife was carrying, and later campaign workers tore up the family’s tickets and kicked them all out before Bush started speaking.

Anyone, regardless of what is printed on their t-shirt, should be able to hear the president speak if he comes to their hometown. Kerry is holding a rally in Portland tomorrow. Bush is holding a meeting at the same time behind closed doors.

If this is a battleground state, shouldn’t Bush be pitching himself to the general public?

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