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November 30th, 2004
New Category

I’ve added a new category. This is a good one.

The doctor’s office called me yesterday. So far, no sign of rheumatoid arthritis. I’m very thankful for that.

But, in no particular order, ten things I’m thankful for this week.

1. Advil
2. Fuzzy yarn
3. Warm coats
4. My friend who is also a co-worker, who hung a big whiteboard for me
5. My wooden clogs
6. Crisp, frosty air
7. Holiday carols
8. Kitty purrs
9. Hot showers
10. Health insurance

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Maui Maui

This day next month we will be leaving for Hawaii. Excited doesn’t even *begin* to cover how I feel. I can’t WAIT.
t13b15.jpgTo that end, I ordered a swimsuit the other day. Yes, a two piece. I figure as long as I’m going on vacation, I might as well embrace the sunshine, fat a$$ and all. I don’t care. Besides, I think this one is pretty cute. All I need now is to go to JoAnn Fabric and get a long length of some funky material to make a sarong and I’m set. I was thinking of getting a pair of nifty board shorts instead, but I’ve only found them at a few places and I’m not paying $50 for a pair of shorts no matter how cool they look.

BTW, the swimsuit comes from Love Your Peaches (great name!), a web store that designs and makes everything they sell. A little pricey, but the clothes look nice.

MMMMM. I can’t wait.

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November 26th, 2004

I was browsing the JoAnn Fabric website today, looking to see if they were having any interesting sales, when I discovered a new line of JoAnn brand yarn they are carrying. See them here.

With no end in site to the “new” knitting craze, JoAnn has developed their own line of yarn — and do they look great! Now I can’t wait to go to a store and actually check ‘em out. Might have to steal the car from DH and go after work today…

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a new scarf with Lion Brand Fun Fur and Lion Brand Homespun knitted together to make a thick, furry scarf. I intend to use Lion Brand Imagine to make the scarf tassels.

I want to make the Spiky Poncho from Fuzzy Galore. It looks warm, but because the guage is so large, is probably pretty quick to knit up.

The only fly in my jello is that with my hands bothering me like they are, I can’t knit for long periods of time. I usually get about 5 or 6 rows done and then I have to stop. It’s a drag.

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November 23rd, 2004

I managed to get an appointment with my doctor yesterday afternoon. I left with three holes in my arms and some wrist braces.

She said I have some arthritis in my wrists, and given my other symptoms she had me tested for rheumatoid arthritis. Could be up to two weeks before the results come back, so in the meantime I get to sweat it out. I really don’t want to have rheumatoid arthritis.

As usual, it took a few tries to get any blood out of me. I’m supposed to wear these braces at work but they’re a major pain in the behind and I’m getting frustrated with them. I’m also taking quite a bit of ibuprofen (per doctors instructions) which seems to be helping with the pain. I woke up only hurting a lot rather than the super-ouch of the last few mornings.

Oh yeah, and I don’t feel well today. Low-grade fever, etc. Bleh.

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November 21st, 2004
Wrists, Etc.

A few weeks ago my left wrist started bothering me, on the outside (pinky) side. I figured I’d slept on it funny and didn’t worry about it. Then the right wrist joined it in being painful, and now both wrists are killing me. I probably shouldn’t be typing but it gets boring doing NOTHING with my hands.

It’s weird — I can’t seem to find much information about wrist pain that runs on the non-thumb side of the wrist. It hurts a ton though, so obviously something is going on. I guess I’ll have to call the doctor and get an appointment.

Last weekend I drove down to Grants Pass to see my grandpa. He was in intensive care, recovering from emergency abdominal surgery. He’s in a nursing home now, for about 20 days and then they’ll let him go home if he’s recovered sufficiently. I’m feeling anxious about the whole thing; I’m afraid he won’t be with us for much longer and that makes me sad.

My paternal grandparents were the idealized grandparents, only they were real. Grandma and Grandpa were always there for me to visit, to take me places, to tell me how proud they were (are) of me, etc. They have always been wonderful grandparents, the kind you wish everyone could experience. My little brother and sister have only one set (my mother’s parents, who are less than perfect or ideal in the grandparent department) because their dad’s parents passed away before they were born. I feel sad that their only grandparents aren’t nearly as wonderful as my paternal grandparents have been.

It’s been a hellish two weeks, travelling north and south, being busybusybusy at work, etc. It’s no wonder my wrists have decided to rebel. I need a break.

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