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November 18th, 2004
Tick Tock

DH installed a counter for me, over there to the right of the screen, to count down the time until we leave for Hawaii. Needless to say, it’s not soon enough…

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November 10th, 2004

Things that are annoying: high school kids on the bus, insurance companies, and newspapers with grammatical errors.

The morning bus we ride in to work frequently has more high school kids than non-school passengers. This isn’t so bad except that apparently no one bothers to teach manners (I’d say “anymore” but I suspect my peers weren’t any better) to teenagers. The number of kids sitting in seats with their big ol’ backpacks on the seat next to them, while the rest of us poor schmucks who got on after them stand in the aisles and tip around like dominoes drives me nuts. Hello??!? Move your damn bag over so the rest of us can sit down!!!

My insurance company has been giving me the runaround as I’ve been trying to fill a prescription. They want me to buy pills twice the dosage as my prescription and cut them in half. Sorry, no dice. The pills are tiny and I have doubts about being able to cut them in half and still have the dosage accurate.

Lastly, let me just say that it’s “faze” not “phase” in the phrase “Such and such didn’t faze her.” Get a freakin’ dictionary! I saw that one in the Portland Tribune. I see it all the time in personal writing (and bite my tongue) but you’d think a newspaper could do a better job.

Argh. Too many things getting on my nerves lately. I need to chill out.

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November 8th, 2004

I spent a good part of Thursday driving up to Port Townsend WA and a good part of Friday driving home. I wish I could say it’s because of a happy reason, but it wasn’t. My grandmother’s second husband passed away Wednesday evening and I drove up to spend some time (albeit brief) with her.

I stopped at Sea-Tac on the way up to pick up my great-aunt, and managed NOT to scare either her or myself navigating my way through the freeway in Seattle. Yay anti-anxiety pills. Freeway driving of any kind used to give me panic attacks, and freeway driving in a city other than Portland was totally out of the question. The pills are expensive (due to a snafu with insurance, I’m paying out of pocket until they get around to reimbursing me… at $4.33 a pill, it’s not cheap), the hot flashes I get are uncomfortable occasionally, but still the pills are worth it.

Port Townsend is a cute little town, and the ride back down on Hwy 101 to Olympia was really beautiful. But the whole trip was just so sad. My grandmother and her husband were married for six years, and his passing was rather sudden. My grandma is so sweet — she heard I was coming shortly before going grocery shopping with my uncle, and she bought brussels sprouts because she knows how much I like them. It’s such a small thing, but considering everything else on her mind, it was really the sweetest thing to think of me. I enjoyed every last one of those brussels sprouts, too.

In the not-sad-news department, I’m finally back to making soap again, this time in the new workshop. I am so tickled with it. Too fun! At least not everything is depressing right now (work is weighing heavily).

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November 3rd, 2004

There’s nothing quite as exciting as walking out of Pioneer Place (for some after work window shopping) and directly into a line of cops in riot gear glaring at everyone within eyesight. Hello Protest!

Sadly, my life is not quite interesting enough to have been an actual PART of the protest, but I stood on the street corner watching the cops and protesters for about twenty minutes before the crowd took off down the street. I was half tempted to borrow someone’s sign and join them, but I gathered rather quickly that the most peaceful part of the protest took place earlier in the day and the mood on the street when I bumped into it was getting ugly. I’m not into ugly, myself.

But I did have a few thoughts. First of all, we heard for weeks and weeks how the “terrorists” were planning on disrupting the election. Did it happen? No. Not even a whisper. Fear wins again, folks, and fear really went to the polls last night. I’m really, really angry, and not particularly articulate. All I can say is, my baby brother will be 18 before this man gets out of the presidency and damned if they’re drafting my sweet-faced, gentle little brother into one of their illegitimate, unnecessary wars. Not a chance, not if I can help it.

I’m angry. I’m angry and I’m scared. I’m devoted to paying off as much of my student loans as I can so I can take my little brother and sister (if necessary) and get the hell out.

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