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December 27th, 2004

Wow, I?m impressed. WordPress is pretty cool. I was able to get that sucker set up, import Claire?s blog, port almost her entire site style, and even fine tune a few things, all in one evening…

It looks like the comment spam slaying plugin we want to use is currently broken, but soon to be fixed, so in the mean time, comments will require moderator approval. Just for a little while…

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December 26th, 2004
Teh 3vil

Comment spam is evil, no doubt about it. With MT 2.661, for those of us who enjoy perl soup, it’s not too hard to delete the stuff. You use something kinda like this:

my @comments = MT::Comment->load(undef, {
        'join' => [
            'MT::Comment', 'id',
            { 'blog_id' => '2' },
            { 'sort' => 'created_on',
               direction => 'descend',
               unique => 1 }

foreach my $comment (@comments) {
    # Delete all coments by /online poker/
    if ($comment->author =~ /online poker/i) {
        $comment->remove &&
            print "<br>deleted a comment" ||
            print "<br> can't delete: " .
                $comment->author . " => " .
                $comment->id . "n";

And of course this could be turned into some kind of comment control panel pretty easily. But that’s not the right way to go, now is it? We really don’t want to deal with spam at all, and if I *do* end up developing some kind of spam control system, I’d rather do it for a free blog system like WordPress. So, we may switch this blog over to WordPress soon…

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December 21st, 2004

I went shopping over the weekend with my husband and his folks (my in-laws…). We went to Washington Square Mall, which was interesting because I haven’t been there in a while. Usually I don’t enjoy holiday shopping much — I’m broke, the malls are crowded and I rarely find stores with clothing that fits me.

But this time was different. I’m not broke, and Washington Square has a Lane Bryant. Oh, the joys of Lane Bryant. I ended up in the lingerie section, perusing the bras. My bras are old, and not as comfortable as one could hope. I soon discovered why: they’re too small. I have officially moved into territory in which I have way too much of a good thing. I’ve moved into DDD territory. Gasp! I also discovered yesterday that this moves me out of “I can shop at Target and Kmart for my bras” territory and firmly into boutique-land because my discount-store buddies don’t carry DDD sizes.

Anyway, I bought two new bras (buy one, get one half off!) and started thinking about breast reduction surgery. While I’m sure (after reading about other women’s experiences) that my back and neck pain is related to how heavy my boobs are, and surgery would help this a lot, on the other hand I’m kind of attached to my boobs (har!). However, when the doctors do a reduction, they also give you a boob lift, which means having perky boobs for the first time since I was twelve. I’m just vain enough to admit that I’d love to have perky boobs. But, it’s major surgery and there is a risk of complications. But… perky boobs!

Anyway, it’s something I’ll consider down the road, especially if I lose some weight. Losing weight doesn’t shrink your boobs much, and it does make them even more saggy and I’m also vain enough to admit that I don’t want saggy boobs!!

So if you’re shopping for pretty, large-size bras, check out Lane Bryant. Not cheap, but the quality seems good and the fit is excellent…

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December 20th, 2004
Better Again

While last week could have been described as The Pit of Despair, this week will probably be better. I hope, anyway.

I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety, and have suffered for several years now. I take medication (two kinds) and see a therapist, but despite this I still have bouts where life seems really dismal. After talking with DH and my therapist (not at the same time) the conclusion I’ve come to based on past experiences is that the meds and therapy help me cope when it’s really bad, but aren’t enough to eradicate the depression completely. When I’m feeling my worst now, if I remember a few years back pre-treatment, I was completely non-functional. Now I can still go to work and do my other activities, in short, still function in the real world instead of just shutting down completely. That’s what the medication and therapy do for me.

It’s still frustrating though. There are few things more frustrating than feeling dismal, feeling so sad and lonely and isolated that you want to cry all the time, and there’s NO WAY to shut it off. Where’s the switch? Stop this train, I want to get off!

But anyway, I’m better this week. I sold a boatload of soap this Saturday at the market and had some quality time with DH. And I’m going to Hawaii next week. Life has a sunnier aspect this week.

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December 14th, 2004
Gathering Clouds

I wish I could manage to be pithy or witty or funny on my weblog, but somehow it always escapes me. Actually, being pithy or witty or funny in general seems to escape me, so I’m not sure why it bothers me.

It’s raining outside again, and it suddenly occurs to me that my increasingly dark moods have a lot to do with the weather. It’s rained nearly every day, almost all day long for the last week or so (maybe two weeks? I don’t know, it seems like it hasn’t STOPPED raining). It’s a cold, nasty rain too, and I have to admit that I don’t like getting wet.

I’ve also been ridiculously lonely, despite being around a lot of people. I haven’t had a long conversation about personal things in a while. I’ve been busy, DH has been busy. My problems with anxiety and depression are springing back up again, and that’s frustrating and leaves me feeling even more sad. Depression sucks, I’m sick of being depressed but it never goes away.

At least my business is going pretty well. I’m working my butt off with orders. On the negative side, I’m so tired. Not much longer and Christmas will be here and I’ll have a three day weekend and then… we’ll go to Hawaii. How great is that.

But it still sucks being depressed. Some days I’m taking life minute by minute.

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