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February 28th, 2005
On Writing

Writing is often really cathartic for people, especially writing and getting feedback. I have these conversations with myself where I’m going back and forth all the time, wondering if I should try to be more open and personal.

I think there are a lot of people “out there” who would probably really relate to the things I’d like to write about. Size acceptance, weight loss (or not), body image, feminism, etc etc, but I think there are also a lot of people who would leave nasty comments and be really mean, or who want to argue just to argue.

I guess this is all a part of what blogs are, and what purpose they serve for their authors and their readers. I’m not a journalist, and I’m not trying to be one… but I do believe in at least trying to cite sources when I’m making a statement. Also, this *is* my little bit of bandwidth and I guess I could just delete comments with impunity, kind of like washing the graffiti off your back fence when it bugs you. But that veers into coming across as unwilling to hear other points of view, especially to the ones that want to argue, not just insult. I’m not particularly interested in arguing in *my* space, though. There are plenty of other group weblogs (or even personal blogs where arguments are encouraged) where I can do that.

But that brings me back to what I’m trying to accomplish. I want to write. I want to share. But do I want to open myself up to the critical masses? I’m not sure.

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February 25th, 2005

I haven’t posted in an age because I haven’t had much to say. The weather has been really nice here in Rainland (surprise!) but I’ve mostly been Blah Blah Blah. I’m still doing my exercise thing three times a week. My time with the personal trainer is almost up and I’m sad about that. I’d like to keep working with her, but it’s so expensive! It’s probably been some of the best money I’ve spent on myself though.

I’m feeling overwhelmed at work and overwhelmed at home, never able to feel caught up. It seems like there’s ALWAYS something that needs to be done, and if I stop and read a book instead, it just piles higher. What a depressing feeling, and I have been feeling really depressed this week.

I need to feel better. I hope this weekend is better.

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February 18th, 2005
Triangle Looms

Doing a quickie google search, I found this awesome page about Triangle Looms. Seriously, this rocks! The instructions for building your own loom are EXCELLENT and I’m seriously tempted to build myself a big loom. I have a small one, but I lust for a big one…

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Oh You Girl Scouts

It’s been a rough week. I was really under the weather on Tuesday, better on Wednesday, nauseous all day Thursday, and today I’m just sorta blah.

One of my co-workers really likes my soap and orders a lot. I bought three boxes of Girl Scout Cookies (Samoas, to be specific) from her daughter, figuring a. Samoas rock, and b. she buys a lot of soap.

The problem? I have NO self-control with these darned cookies. None. I have self-control with just about everything else, but put a box of cookies in my desk and it’s all over. I demolished a box all by myself in less than a week. When you consider that these suckers have 4 grams of fat (mostly saturated to boot) in a single cookie, that’s baaaad news.

The numbers on the scale went back up this week. Boo-hoo and all that. I’m taking the other boxes home to DH, who has promised to hide them and dole them out to me as a treat. I’m starting to feel like our cats. We have to hide the “kitty treats” (like Pounce treats, etc) because they’ll shred the bag/destroy the house getting the lid off the jar of kitty treats. I’ll have to perfect my rolling on my back and putting my paws in the air technique to get cookies… lol.

But seriously, it was not a happy moment but I knew where the problem was. I don’t eat the kind of junk food I’ve eaten this week normally, but when I’m sick it’s so much harder to prepare healthy food. It’s back on the healthy wagon for me, and NO MORE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! I need to put the dried apricots in my desk instead.

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February 17th, 2005

Yesterday at Powells, I was tempted into purchasing the most recent Harry Potter, since it’s out in paperback now (that would be Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). I’ve put off buying it because it’s so thick, and I know I’ll be useless for anything else once I start reading it.

Since I’m currently waiting, waiting, waiting for some of the other series’ I’m reading to hurry up and print the next book in paperback, I’ve been cruising the aisles looking for new talent. Whilst in the romance section (where the “Undead and…” series lives, although I’m not sure why exactly since they’re a lot like the Sookie Stackhouse books which live in the horror section) I found what looks like a charming, non-bodice ripper. Second Thyme Around, by Katie Fforde, is classified as a romantic comedy, with an organic gardener as the heroine. I look forward to diving into it.

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