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February 16th, 2005
Pavlovian Cat

DH’s alarm clock is one of those that has a CD player as well as a radio. It will play CDs as your alarm. We have a CD of piano music we bought from a musician at the Saturday Market, and his name is totally escaping me right now.

Anyway, the CD starts playing slightly before 6 am. My cat, the fat one (as opposed to DH’s cat, the skinny one) has learned that when the music starts playing, it’s time to start pestering me. Every morning, as soon as the music begins, she’s right there sticking her face in mine, purring, biting my hands (in her best “Hello Dummy, pet me!” manner), and generally being a total lovey-dovey pest. It’s become really entertaining, actually, because it gives me an excuse not to get up right away.

Lately, DH’s cat has been getting in on the action as well, so I have two cats meowing at me for petting. What a pair of princesses.

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February 13th, 2005

Yesterday, DH and I braved that American shopping behemoth called Costco. I could go into a whole rant on how big shopping warehouses like Costco encourage overconsumption and waste, but I won’t. Another post…

Anyway, we braved the Costco (where the only credit card they take is American Express…) to buy some Gorilla shelves for the soap workshop. I’ve been needing shelves since I moved into it, but up to now we hadn’t found any shelves we really liked. They were pretty easy to put together and are quite sturdy, so I’m happy. I spent some time yesterday evening putting stuff away on the new shelves, an effort which will continue today.

While we were at Costco, we also saw this great workbench/shelf thing that I was really lusting after. I think that’s next up, because it looked really sturdy and totally cool. I’m still desperately needing the mini-dishwasher also, but that’s still a ways off because of the plumbing issue. I think I’ll buy the mini-fridge first.

Things continue apace in Sudsy, then. The Market starts next month, and I’m really looking forward to it. Good stuff.

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February 11th, 2005
What happened?

I had a “moment” today during my workout. The trainer had me doing a lot of cardio (which was feeling pretty good), but towards the end when we started doing some weights I got really shaky and a little nauseous. That kinda sucked! We sat down in some chairs for about five minutes, and I started to feel better, and then we finished up with abs and stretching.

It was just weird, because I wasn’t pushing myself any harder than I have before. I guess my body just wasn’t feeling cooperative today.

I got all kinds of good lower body stuff in though, but I kind of miss the arm stuff I didn’t get to do. Maybe I’ll come back down to the gym tomorrow and do it.

I’ve got bananas and peanut butter at home, and mangos and dried apricots…yum!

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February 9th, 2005
Eat More!

Today my personal trainer measured my RMR (resting metabolic rate). This is the rate at which I burn calories doing nothing (sitting, sleeping, etc). After looking at some example food journals (adding up calories for what I ate, say, yesterday and the day before) we concluded that I’m not eating enough.

Yes Folks, a fat person who needs to eat more to lose weight. The idea is to eat more healthy snacks to the tune of about 300-400 calories a day – like carrots with some cottage cheese or some dried fruit, or some nuts… I also have to quit this terrible habit I have of skipping meals entirely. I get hungry, but it’s really easy for me to ignore it if I’m busy or involved in something (like reading) so I just skip it entirely.

Human metabolism is truly complex and not simple at all. Looking at how many calories I eat versus how many my body wants to burn each day, you’d think I’d be skinny. But no, it’s not nearly as simple as that. How much muscle you have must come into play as well as how much activity you get. That’s all I can figure. I also think that’s why diets fail.

But anyway, I need to stock up on nuts and dried fruit and baby carrots and peanut butter. I need to learn to snack, which will be hard because I’m just not a snack person. I learned to cut out all extraneous non-meal foods years ago, but that isn’t an effective technique for what I’m trying to do here.

I decided I want to be a size 16 by August. Once I get started, watching the numbers on the scale go down each week starts to get really appealing…

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February 8th, 2005
Helping The Searchers

It seems that Google has decided I’m a good source because my hits have gone up dramatically lately, largely from them. So… maybe I can provide some actual useful info for these people along with my usual blathering…

Lately, we see people are looking for information on cheap makeup and expensive makeup… so I bring you… Claire’s favorite makeup brands and how much they cost!

On the cheap end: L’Oréal is my (new) favorite drugstore brand. Why? Because L’Oréal owns Lancôme (high end $$) and many of the formulas are the same. Oh, and their lip products don’t taste like soap anymore. Finally.

On the slightly less cheap end: mark. mark. is owned by Avon, and is Avon’s “younger” brand. The makeup is nice, and the colors are good knockoffs of more expensive brands.

More expensive: Origins. Love the lip glosses, and here’s the deal on foundation. If you’re going to wear foundation, spring for a spendy one that is right for your skin type (dry, oily, whatever). It’ll look better and your skin will be happier. I like Origins foundation.

The if-I-was-rich-I’d-always-buy-this brands: At Sephora, check out Paul & Joe. Loove their lipstick. I also loove the lipgloss sample I have from Bourjois. I like Clinique and Chanel too… (see Gloss for those).

So there you have it. Cheap makeup. Expensive makeup.

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