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March 26th, 2005
Wet Day

What a day. Seriously, I was asking myself numerous times throughout the day why I show up at Portland Saturday Market even though the weather report calls for rain, rain, and maybe a little more rain. I mean, I make soap, for crying out loud, soap that draws moisture like crazy and is all slimy and more than a little rain spattered by days end. After market fees, I made a dollar today (although the day was loss if you count the food I ate).

So why do I do it? I do it because I like to spend the day next to my friend Nancy, the dichroic glass jewelry artisan, chatting about whatever and commiserating. We shared her propane heater today, and covered for each other during bathroom breaks and “I need to thaw out in the Skidmore Fountain Building” trips. I like to say hello to the brave souls who come down to see all the great things offered at Saturday Market despite the hideous rain. I do it because my second cousin on my dad’s side came today to meet me and say hi — great story, this vaguely familiar looking guy shows up and says hi and shakes my hand and asks if I know him. I say, yeah he looks familiar and he says he’s Tony’s brother (I’ve known Tony since I was 15 or so) and I say “Of course, family resemblance!” and a nice, albeit wet (since we were standing half in and half out of the booth) conversation ensues. I come because other friends show up to see me and say hi. I show up for the food (pasty and potatoes today at the LImey’s booth) and the coffee (try the Caramello at Cloud Cap) and more commiseration with people who know me now.

Mostly, I come down even on rainy days because soapmaking and going to the market is my outlet, my pressure valve. As Nancy puts it, this is where she found her tribe. The market (and the people I’ve met through soapmaking as a larger part of my market experience) has also become my tribe. I’m friends with a globetrotting Lufthansa flight attendant because of soapmaking. I’ve had some of the most interesting experiences at the market, because the most diverse mix of people comes through the market – homeless folks looking to earn a few bucks helping marketers set up or tear down, rich locals, poor locals, middle class locals, rich tourists, foreign tourists, business travellers, middle class tourists…

I gave notice at my job yesterday. I’m not going to expound why here, because some things are better kept offline. I have an interview for another one next week. I go to the market on rainy days because I need to be reminded that I am more than my job, that someday maybe I won’t have to always work for someone else.

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Aaaargh!! Sorry.

I just deleted the 7 most recent comments while I was trying to delete a bunch of spam comments. For those whose comments just got the axe, please accept my apologies. WordPress provides no method to recover comments if you accidentally delete them… :(

I’m just waiting for WordPress 1.5.1 to be released so I can upgrade the blog and the spam software. I’ve been using some customized PHP to reduce server load by dropping certain comments (you know the ones, the drug pushers with the cialis and the virtual casino mafia with the online poker)…

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March 25th, 2005

It’s done. The difficult, anxiety-inducing thing is all finished now. I feel all wrung out and I want ice cream… or something gooey and sticky. Rewarding myself with food? Me? Ha!

I’ll go to the gym first.

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March 24th, 2005

I hate anxiety. What is just a little uncomfortable for some people becomes a heart pounding, hands shaking, stomach churning, cold sweat-inducing experience for me. When someone in authority says “I need to talk to you” my heart leaps into my throat and spots dance before my eyes — even though the talk is usually something totally mundane.

I have something unpleasant I need to do. I don’t want to because the very thought is sending me into a tailspin. I want to take the weenie way out, but that would be bad, would be ducking a responsibility I have.

I hate anxiety.

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March 23rd, 2005
I know, I know

I feel like this topic is starting to become a dead horse, and the blogosphere (oy, what a term!) is just continuing to flog away…

But I really liked this article:

No; It’s Not About Terri Schiavo Anymore

Again, another good summation of the concerns of the disabled with regards to end-of-life issues.

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