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May 28th, 2005

I’m still having trouble starting posts, usually at Sudsy, and then leaving before I finish it… although sometimes the post is started at home, and I leave for Sudsy before I finish it. I just get so distracted, too many things in my head competing for brain space and attention.

But… I’m going to finish a blog entry! I’ve seen two movies in the last 48 hours, both of which were excellent. Last night we saw “Head-On” (or Gegen Die Wand, the German title). I shall now attempt to write a brief review without resorting to cheap cliches like “gripping” and “real-life” and blah blah blah. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a movie about two Turkish immigrants in Germany (well, one of the characters was born in Germany) – strangers – who get married because the woman wants to escape her smothering family (very traditional Muslims) and the man wants… well, we’re not entirely sure why he agrees, except it’s an opportunity to do something to help someone else. Did I mention they met at a mental health clinic because both of them were suicidal? Really, it was a LOT better than I’m describing. DH and I have cultivated a taste for non-Hollywood, frequently foreign cinema because quite frankly most of what comes out of Hollywood today is total crap. “Head-On” moved me to tears, had me really caring about what happened to the characters, and left me feeling like I’d seen something really special.

Tonight we went to see “Kung Fu Hustle.” A totally different genre from “Head-On,” it’s a comedic send-up of kung fu movies, but complete with all the cool kung fu moves and special effects. It is FUNNY. Ebert wasn’t kidding when he said it’s Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton meets Quentin Tarantino and Bugs Bunny. But really, the most important thing is that it’s a comedy.

Next we want to see “Kontroll” (Hungarian), “Ladies in Lavender” (Dame Judy Dench and Maggie Smith), and “Kingdom of Heaven” (Hollywood, or as I’ve been putting it, the Orlando Bloomfest, which is perfectly okay with me).

Mmmmm. Hot days, cool nights, and good cinema. I love summer.

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May 25th, 2005
Life is Okay

Funniest bumper sticker seen in a long time: “Republicans for Voldemort.”

Claire is happy because the Portland Farmers Market is open on Wednesdays now. DH shops there on his lunch break and I pick up the veggies and bring them home to put in the fridge. Woohoo! Veggie excitment. Last week we had some excellent radishes and onions (and other stuff). This week DH picked lots of dark leafy greens and zucchini. It’s the first zucchini of the season! Super Yum!

I keep wondering if I should try to develop some kind of theme for this blog. I’m really interested in writing more about beauty (products, media, makeup fun) but I don’t really want to turn this into a cosmetics/beauty blog. I guess I should probably start one for that if that’s what I really want to do… So much of my life right now is going into my offline journal I start to wonder what’s left for my poor blog. I guess I need to work on ways to include more in my blog without compromising my feelings on public vs. private spheres.

I find I have little interest any more in commenting on politics. Others do it better than I do. I should probably link to those others more often.

…blog relativity. I guess I just need to muse some more on what function this blog has and why I’m doing it.

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May 24th, 2005
Good Grief

I have tried for two days now to post something, and I keep getting interrupted. I’m not going to stop now until this post is complete!!

This weekend I went to the Portland Bridal Show to do makeup for the fashion show portion. I had a good time, although once again I remain totally stunned at the “wedding industry.” Great Googly Moogly, the money in that “industry” is nothing short of jawdropping. Flowers, catering, the cake, the venue, the dresses and tuxedoes… hair, makeup…

I did discover that there is actually such a thing as a chocolate fountain, though. One of my former coworkers was always talking about chocolate fountains and I had no freaking idea what he was talking about. Well, this is a chocolate fountain. I want one installed in my apartment.

But anyway… One of the other Jafra consultants brought meal replacement bars to share – which reminded me that I should snag a box next time I go to the store to toss in my bag. I keep forgetting to eat lunch and then I’m hungry and grouchy all afternoon.

I’ll have more to write about later. The well is currently dry.

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May 19th, 2005
Where’s Claire?

I know, I know. Where the heck have I been?

Off being depressed (but I have a fix!), thinking up good ideas, hanging with my girlfriends… causing trouble. The usual.

First, depression. I get in these slumps, usually in the afternoon, where I end up at home doing absolutely NOTHING all afternoon – usually I end up taking a nap or wandering aimlessly through the internet. So, I brilliantly came up with the idea of the Slump Jar. Inside the Slump Jar are suggestions for things to do – just random things like “walk around the block twice” or “walk to Trader Joes, buy cat snacks” or “clean the bathtub.” The idea is to pull something out of the jar and then go DO it and distract myself out of my slump. It’s a way to kickstart some momentum back into my afternoon so I don’t waste it.

As for good ideas and girlfriends… changes are afoot at Sudsy. I’ve taken a larger workshop space in the same building with a girlfriend (Nancy of Maclaren Glass to be specific). We move in next month. DH and I are also going to see Green Day with Nancy and her teenage son in September. Green Day!! That’s been a desire of mine since I was about 14. Woohoo!!

As for trouble, DH would probably like it if I would stop springing things on him and being so darned impulsive (sorry Honey!). I’m trying…

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May 13th, 2005

If yesterday was my day to feel like a total dork, today is my day to get back on the horse so to speak. I drove up to Vancouver to have lunch with my Jafra buddy – the idea being that two heads are better than one, so several consultants have chosen to pair up and provide support and ideas to each other. It was nice – my partner is a shy woman herself, so we get along well.

I was brainstorming ideas of ways to increase my market, and had a good one. Not particularly original, but good nonetheless. I need to find some consultants selling other products – PartyLite, Tupperware, Petra Fashions, even Mary Kay and Avon. If you know of any (or are one yourself) in the greater Portland area, I’d love contact info. I’ll probably try posting this on craigslist too, in which case I’ll update with the link here.

Tomorrow is a Saturday Market weekend, which always makes me feel better also. I made soap this week, some fresh varieties that have been out of stock for a while. Next weekend I’m doing makeup for the Portland Bridal Show. I think it will be a blast.

So I’m not going to go jump off any bridges or anything. I had my low moment and now I’m going to try to perk up again.

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