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July 28th, 2005
99.4 and Crafts

I didn’t make a doctor appointment today. I was going to, had myself all talked into it, and then I didn’t. I’m stuck somewhere between the “Hello Stupid, this isn’t NORMAL” self-talk and the “Quit whining, no one ever died from a month-long fever” self-talk. At least, I don’t think anyone’s died from it. I’m 99.4 currently, up from 99.3 this afternoon. Does anyone know if I should actually be worried about this?

Anyway, enough about my broken temperature regulator. I found some AWESOME sites I want to share. First up are some I should have posted about a while ago. I Buy DIY is a directory of all things handmade and crafty. I’m listed there. Craft Revolution is another super-kewl directory, with articles as well. Good stuff… and I’m listed there too. Indie Collective is a third directory (and I’m listed… of course!). They all rock, and the next time you need a gift or cool outfit or whatever, try these first.

The super-coolest find of the night? Etsy.com. It’s sorta like the eBay of handmade, except it’s all Buy It Now. Anyone with a digital camera and a little website smarts can set up shop and sell their handmade stuff. I’m thinking of listing some soap, especially my experimental stuff that I don’t necessarily want to sell through my “official” channels. I could definitely get hooked on something like that – I love to do random craft stuff but don’t have any way to sell them… so I guess that’s why Etsy was born.

I have sent requests to a few online (and a few brick-and-mortar) boutiques for consideration to carry my soap – they’re all consignment, which isn’t quite as nice as cash upfront, but I’ll take it. Then I had the idea that “Hey I could open an online consignment boutique too!” Of course, then my sense of reality starts up – and I think perhaps that’s biting off more than I can chew. But it would be sooooo much fun to do! I’ll continue to mull. If I started small, perhaps it’s doable.

Anyway, if I do list stuff on Etsy, I’ll probably post it here… fun stuff…

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Air Conditioner

So I’ve had this weird fever for about a month now (maybe it’s been two months? Can’t remember). Anyway, my body temperature hovers around 99.2 and spikes up to 99.6 or even 100 once in a while. Is this normal? Probably not, but I don’t want to go to the doctor with an unexplained month-long low fever.

Anyway, the downside of being The Feverish One is that this heat (yeah, yeah, Portland heat is nuthin’ compared to, say, Phoenix…) increases my misery ten-fold. I long to lie on the floor with a minimum of clothing on, with a fan pointed at my head all day long. Sadly, this is not feasible on a daily basis. So I pop aspirin, drink copious amounts of water, and try not to whine TOO much about how I feel like my insides are being cooked.

Last night, things took a turn for the interesting… DH, who usually thrives in warm weather, was also feeling too hot. Around 10 pm, he turns to me and says that one of our local friends wants to find some place with air conditioning and food. Since dinner had not appeared (cooking with heat being out of the question), I was all for this.

We hopped in the car, picked up our friend, and headed for the most air conditioned restaurant I can think of – Shari’s. Shari’s seems to believe in the law of more is definitely more – I’ve been known to take a jacket in with me in the middle of summer, the place is so icy. Not last night, though – I basked in the frigid air, enjoying a hot breakfast at 10:30 at night. Ahh, air conditioning. I love it.

Today, it’s back to my dreams of lying on the floor with my fan… sadly, I’m too busy so I have my aspirin bottle in one hand and my water bottle in the other. Oh the joys of summer.

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July 24th, 2005
Da Market

I had an entertaining day at the market yesterday. I had two repeat customers show up, both of whom informed me that they only use my soap. Last Saturday I also had a customer say the same thing. That is really cool! Of course, I only use my soap too… so I know exactly what they mean.

Then there was the rude lady who demanded to know how long my soap bars last. I was trying to say something like “Well it depends on how many people are using it and how often it gets used.” I mean, if four people are sharing a shower and each bathes every day, the bar isn’t going to last as long as two people, with one who bathes every other day. So I can’t exactly say “this bar will last for two months” or whatever. This clearly did not satisfy her. Nancy suggested I just pull something out of my behind for customers like that – “Yes, this will last you for two months!” since they probably still aren’t going to buy.

I finished reading an interesting book yesterday. It is called The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon. After DH reads it I’ll post a review, since I have lots of things to say about it. He reads my blog though, so I don’t want to spoil it for him…

Anyway, lots of market fun was had yesterday. Next week my little brother and sister are coming to mind my booth while I mind Nancy’s booth (they are right next to each other, more like one big booth) which should be lots of fun.

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July 22nd, 2005

Ugh – I have been wickedly depressed for the last few days. Not sure what’s up with that. I’ve been taking my happy pills like a good girl, etc. Oh well – the best combatant for the ugly moods is to hit the soap studio and get to creatin’. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Helena and I ordered some cyclomethicone to experiment with in creams and lotions, and I’ve discovered you can use it to make super-cool body sprays too. Cyclomethicone is a silicone, a slippery, oily-like substance, but sprayed on your skin it feels dry and smooth, like you’ve sprayed yourself with a powder. You can spray your hair with it and it will make your hair shiny and silky without being greasy.

It’s used in lotions to impart a silky, glide-y feel without being greasy. I just finished re-tweaking my body butter formula with it, and it’s really fabulous. I scented it with a fragrance called Amber Dawn – it’s a vanilla-y, chocolate-y, musky kind of scent that mixes well with the cocoa butter in the lotion.

So, when all else fails and I feel bad, I formulate. Currently, there is a body scrub in the making… I haven’t decided how I’m going to scent it, since it’s just for me to throw in the shower and try.

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July 19th, 2005
Oh The Scents

My soapmaking German flight-attendant friend Helena was in town yesterday and today. Being the soap junkies that we are, we spent the better part of yesterday sniffing all my new fragrances, and poking about online for more. Eventually we quit and headed for Pioneer Place, for some retail recon. Bath & Body Works has some really nice new scents…

Anyway, somehow or another we ended up looking for this particular perfume – it’s Casmir by Chopard, to be specific. A trip to Saks was unsuccessful, but the clerk recommended we visit The Perfume House.

Can you say “Died and Gone To Heaven”?? Located on Hawthorne, The Perfume House seems to be ground zero for the world’s finest perfumes… here, in little ol’ Portland!!

Because it would take too long and I’m lazy, I’ll just list my favorites… google is your friend.

Comme des Garcons… oh my gosh. The Spicy Cocoa and Wood Coffee were amazing. Aqaba… what a lovely musk. Amouage… so rich. But the best… Joy by Jean Patou. All rose, all the time. I adore it. I want to work at The Perfume House. I would love it.

In the meantime, I’ll seek out a soap-appropriate duplication for Casmir and it’s sister Mira Bai.

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