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July 12th, 2005

So apparently the stabbing yesterday was a random attack, the assailant a mentally unstable man. kgw.com is reporting that the assailant lives across the street from my building, and picked the victim at random. My sense of “Thank God I was safely inside” kicked in when I read that. It could have been anyone who was outside at 12:17 pm.

But mentally unstable people live everywhere and this could have happened anywhere. Do I plan to live in fear because there are people in the world who aren’t right in the head? No, I don’t. I’m still plenty freaked out by it though, and I said a prayer for the stabbing victim, that he would survive. I said a prayer for his wife and did a mental apology for thinking her screams where just another crazy person on the street having an episode. In the future, I’ll stick my head out the window when I hear screaming to make sure someone isn’t being attacked…

Crazy stuff. Crazy stuff.

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July 11th, 2005
Oh My God

I went to Sudsy at around 11:30 or so to do some work and discovered I had left the key in the pocket of the pants I was wearing yesterday. I drove back home, parked, and went upstairs to have a bite to eat since I was hungry.

Sometime later, I heard a big commotion on the street below. Screaming, shouting, lots of noise. I didn’t think much of it because occasionally there is a lot of yelling on the street. I live in a old apartment building at the corner of NW Hoyt and NW 23rd. Sometimes a mentally disturbed person will start shouting – we’re used to it.

A little while after that I come outside to drive to Sudsy and there’s a police line – cops everywhere, news cameras. What the heck??

Right now only kgw.com has any information, but there was a stabbing outside the Ram’s Head, a McMenamin’s restaurant that is located in the first floor of my apartment building. All that screaming was the wife of the victim. I’m just completely shocked. I live on the fourth floor, right above the street where the stabbing happened. The assailant got away. I’m just verklempt about the whole thing.

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July 6th, 2005
Yarn Madness

Hey, you remember my whining about JoAnn discontinuing their totally awesome Sensations Confetti yarn? Yeah, it was a real blow.

But I discovered that Michaels is carrying a yarn that is EXACTLY the same!! The colors are different, but if you loved that totally cool Confetti texture, this is it.

It’s Patons Pooch. I love it!! Michaels has quite the yarn selection these days. That’s awesome.

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