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October 24th, 2005

I haven’t had a mammogram yet (still too young for them to be required), but I have heard about how much they are hideously uncomfortable, painful, etc. etc. I’m not entirely sure how I stumbled upon this (my usual following links hither and yon), but it’s pretty darn cool.

So, any and all of you ladies who need a mammogram: ask your provider if they use the MammoPad. The MammoPad is a soft pad that cushions breasts from the cold plates of the machine – resulting in significantly less pain and discomfort during the procedure. From the sound of things (and testimonials) ALL providers should be using this pad! So if your provider says they don’t, print off some of the info provided on the website and send it to them. It’s good for their bottom line, after all…

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October 14th, 2005
A Mild Gripe

A few years ago, when we had no health insurance, I had a rollerblading accident. I hit a small rock (it was dusk, hard to see) and went down like a ton of bricks – landing on top of my left arm, doing some kind of damage to my elbow. I didn’t go see a doctor – after about a week I could move it again without terrible pain, and eventually the pain went away and the elbow was mostly okay. Well, some time after that I developed numbness in my left hand – that corresponds with a nerve that runs through the elbow. It was annoying. School was back in session at that point, so I went to Student Health Services. Nerve damage, pronounced the doctor.

Well, it went away after a while, but to this day, if I sleep on my elbow wrong or put too much pressure on it (like propping my chin on my hand while sitting at a desk, with the elbow on the desk) I get the same annoying numbness in my left hand. Today, that is my special gripe – I woke up with it.

Argh. It is SO ANNOYING, like constant pins and needles that NEVER GO AWAY. I’m going to go pop an advil in case there’s some inflammation in the elbow pressing on the nerve…

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Legislators Gone Wild

Very shortly after she was elected, I had the opportunity to meet Kelley Wirth at an OSU women’s leadership event. I attended a session she led, and I was very impressed with her. She talked about being elected, about the challenges of serving in the legislature while being a mom to two young children. She listened to our concerns, as students and women living in her district. I liked her.

I am having trouble picturing that self-assured woman as the same woman being portrayed in the news reports. The incident with her being hit by a car driven by a jealous girlfriend just sounds like a bad novel.

It all seems sad, to me. I feel like Ms. Wirth lost her way somewhere, that her life fell apart at some point. It’s a sad fate for a woman who was so upbeat and enthusiastic about serving in the legislature, the one I met a few years ago.

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October 12th, 2005
Hello You Icky Icky Person

To the person who came here looking for “naked girl scouts”: ewwww. Okay? That’s just wrong. It’s also icky that “naked girl scouts” finds my blog somehow.

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October 9th, 2005
PSM, PDC and The Oregonian

Interesting (if you could call it that) article in the Oregonian today about the Portland Saturday Market, and the PDC’s plans that call for us moving elsewhere.

What can I say? I’d like to shoot the reporter who kept referring to the market as the place for “spoon art and elephant ears,” as if we’re just a jokey, circus-y market. The whole tone had a slightly sneering attitude – no mention of how much sales take place at the market (it’s in the millions, if I recall) and the fact that that money stays in the local community because we live and shop here. No mention that our artists and craftsfolk are truly amazing – and well known in their circles. No mention that the range of products is mindboggling – paintings, photography, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, recycled art… it goes on and on.

The articles makes it sound like we’re all starving and by implication, should get real jobs. Many of the vendors make a pretty nice living from their art, and the market is a large component of their income (the rest being other retail and wholesale). Take away the market or cause it to fail, and you financially ruin these folks – members of YOUR community.

Yes, the site isn’t ideal – it’s not a place I’d hang out after dark or even a place I’m particularly comfortable being in daylight during the week. But let me tell you, tourists drive sales at the market, not local people. Move it, and there is no way to inform all those hotel desk clerks and travel websites of our new location. We’ll lose that tourists component and the market will fail. Yes, I am one of those who believes the market will fail if it is moved. I don’t believe that the PDC values the market, and by the tone of the article, I think it was written to downplay our importance to Portland, and downplay our value and quality as a Portland destination.

After all, we’re just that market with “spoon art and elephant ears.”

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