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February 28th, 2006
That Ol’ Bird Flu

I found this Reuters article interesting reading: Encourage Sick Leave in Flu Pandemic.

The main thrust of the article is that if/when a flu pandemic strikes, up to 40% of the workforce could be out, for weeks. In preparation for such a pandemic, employers should start encouraging workers to stay home when they are sick, instead of the current corporate culture that discourages calling in sick. The article also mentions that with half of America’s workers without paid sick leave, many workers will simply show up sick, thus spreading the flu.

I found this interesting, because it is absolutely true about corporate culture and what happens when people don’t have paid sick time. I’ve gone to work hideously sick with the flu before, because no work = no pay. I coughed on a lot of people too, probably exposing them. But I couldn’t afford to miss more than a day of work, so I came sick.

The article doesn’t mention this, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about too, with relation to bird flu. The pandemic is going to hit hardest those without health insurance. The ERs will be overwhelmed, and even if you have insurance, good luck getting treatment. It’s going to be ugly.

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February 26th, 2006
How To Annoy Me

Ask for my opinion and then look at me like I’m crazy when I give it to you.

Use *that* tone of voice with me just because I’m the sales help. Hello, 13 year old Miss Thing! Didn’t yo’ momma teach you no manners??

Get offended when I suggest a few high quality drugstore items in response to your complaint that everything in *my* store costs too much. What did you want, me to just give you a special discount? I don’t think so.

Ask me to do your makeup and then complain when you don’t like it. Hello, I asked you every step if you were liking it – at some point you should have SAID something. Bite me, Miss Thing.

Yeah, the gripes do add up. But generally speaking, my customers are fantastic. I’ll have to do a How To Charm Me post next.

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February 18th, 2006
Bar Brawl and other stories

The other day I worked 4 pm to midnight. From 4 pm until 9 pm I was working in the skin care section of the store because the person who should have been there called in sick. Then, from 9 pm until midnight, I was working with the recovery team to unpack and stock shipment.

I like doing shipment. Some people don’t – it’s hard work, lifting boxes, putting stuff out on shelves. It can be tedious, with a lot of bending over or kneeling on the floor, too. But I don’t mind the work, because it’s a great opportunity to learn about product lines as you’re putting stuff away. Thursday night, I was pretty tired by the time midnight started to roll around. My muscles were tired, that sort of weird loose-limbed feeling you get when you’ve been working hard.

Right before midnight, while exiting a door, I tripped. I’m not sure if it was on the bag that was on the floor, or my own two feet. Could have been either. But, I went down and experienced one of those slow motion falls where you know you’re gonna crash and it’s gonna suck but you can’t stop yourself it’s all happening so fast…

I hit a display, hard, and got a gash on the forehead. It bled, a lot, freaked out my coworkers, and embarrassed the heck outta me. After a trip the the ER (no stitches), a tetanus shot (which is now all red and irritated, but not warranting medical attention according to the advice nurse), and a day off, I now have a lovely 2-inch long scabby cut on my forehead. Right down the middle.

I told coworkers who hadn’t heard the story already that I had been in a bar brawl. They laughed, since me being in a bar brawl is about as likely as pigs flying.

Now I’m just cranky as heck and ready for it to be healed. Along with the tetanus shot, which can stop hurting any moment now, really. Grrrr.

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February 12th, 2006

You know you’re tired and on autopilot when you put on your BIG BROWN CLOGS when going to work in your ALL BLACK outfit. Yeah, now that’s stylin’!!

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February 8th, 2006
What a little makeup can do

Some days at my job we’re allowed to sit women in our chairs and spend half an hour doing a makeover. Some days, we’re only supposed to do “quick eyes and lips,” when the store is busy and lots of women want demos. But once in a while, I’m willing to buck the trend when a client comes along and I know what a little makeup can do for them.

The other day it was a seventeen year-old girl. Some of the other staff members don’t like helping teens – they don’t buy enough, they just want a free demo, or whatever. We don’t work on commission, but they still would rather spend time on clients with money to burn. Me, I remember being a teenager, remember the uncertainty and low self-esteem and only having a little money to spend so how can I best spend it… this girl was nice. She wasn’t dressed in designer garb like some of the teens/pre-teens I see (which always rubs me the wrong way… reverse classism? I dunno, but they’re also the rudest and loudest and most spoiled). She was shy about asking for a demo, didn’t want to bother anyone. I plonked her down in the nearest chair and asked what she’d like. She wasn’t sure, she didn’t really use makeup but wanted some ideas. I grabbed some concealer and powder, a pretty pink blush, and some neutral eyeshadows and went to work – even though it was a “quick eyes and lips” day. Screw that – I can really make a difference for this girl, I’m going all out.

When I was done, her blemishes were concealed, her fair skin had a soft glow, her greenish eyes looked greener, her lips were glossy – she was thrilled. She wasn’t a pretty girl, and I did my best “makeup that looks like you aren’t wearing any” technique. I told her what would be the best to invest in (good concealer) and what could be skimped on (eyeshadow and mascara – go to the drugstore!) and she left happy, her head held higher than when she came in, confident now that her blemishes were concealed.

I’m not paid well, but I love my job. A little makeup properly applied can really be a confidence booster. I like to show women how.

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