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March 31st, 2006
Random Scar Update

I gotta try to get a picture of it, it is impressive. Anyway, after my forehead gash incident, I was left with an almost 2-inch scar running down the middle of my forehead – from my hairline to just above my eyebrows. I’m not one to get all prissy about scars, but the problem with this one is it wasn’t flat – towards the bottom, the skin was scraped away and that part was lower than the rest of my forehead. Problematic, because makeup doesn’t apply smoothly over it.

So, it was time to be creative. I wanted to speed up the process of filling in that part of the scar so it would be flat. What do I have lying around that’s safe to smear on my face that might do that? Bingo! I have a bottle of Jafra’s Intensive Line Corrector that contains peptides. Peptides encourage collagen production in the skin. Et voila! I dabbed a little of it on the scar for about two weeks, and lo and behold, the scar is now almost flat.

Miracle cream? Who knows. But I love being creative with what I have lying around.

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March 30th, 2006

I just had to post about this. The other day I was waiting to meet DH for lunch and had over an hour to kill while he had a meeting. I was thinking about window shopping in Pioneer Place but decided I just didn’t feel like being in a mall – I work in one, after all. So while wandering around downtown, I was drawn to the sight of two young men with cows on their heads. A-ha! Ben & Jerry’s – maybe an ice cream cone would be just the thing.

I don’t know if they are still offering it – but I tried their limited edition BAKLAVA ice cream and found it truly divine. Super yum. Why is it the ones I love are either limited edition or get discontinued? I’m still mourning the loss of Bovinity Divinity and Totally Nuts.

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Mmmm eyebrows

Look, we’re pink now! I’m feeling exceptionally girly these days – must be from inhaling all those makeup fumes.

Some interesting developments on the work front… I had my eyebrows waxed the other day by the trainer for Anastasia (a brand of eyebrow grooming products developed by Anastasia Soares – brow groomer to the stars). I now look FABULOUS with my perfectly groomed brows. Meow! Seriously, I’ve been so scared of the whole waxing thing but it hurts WAY less than tweezing so I’m sold. Plus, I like how nice my face looks with non-bushy brows.

Next week I’ll depart for Seattle and nine days of intensive training for work. It’s going to ROCK!! I’m sooooooooo excited. *does a happy dance*

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March 26th, 2006
Pesky Ethical Dilemmas

At the beauty emporium where I am employed, we sell a certain mineral makeup product that is heavily advertised on TV. Literally, every other client who comes in looking for it says they’ve seen the informercial. Dude, the slick power of television. I could convince the masses that goat’s milk soap is the ONLY WAY TO GO if only I had the ad budget of this company. And in my case, I wouldn’t be selling snake oil.

Okay, snake oil may be a little harsh. But seriously, I’ve applied this stuff to hundreds of faces now. Unless you have really smooth, mostly pore-less, mostly blemish free skin, it’s just not going to look good on you. Not to mention that it contains bismuth oxychloride, an ingredient that is a known common irritant – this, in a product widely touted for sensitive skin!! Eek!!

I just hate it when I have to work in the area of the store where this is sold. In most cases, I have to say nice things about a product I don’t like, trying not to seem like I’m dissing it. Given the opportunity – for example, if someone asks if I use the product – I’ll lead them elsewhere in the store to look at something else. A nice pressed powder foundation, for example…

Oy. I won’t outright lie about it (“Is this okay for sensitive skin?” “Well, everyone’s skin is different, but this works for many people with sensitive skin.”) but I do not embrace it either. I feel like such a fraud even selling it at all. Bleh.

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March 19th, 2006
A Good Step

According to this article the city of Calabasas, CA has banned smoking in all public places. Right on!

From the article, the city declared secondhand smoke to be a public nuisance and approved an ordinance banning smoking in all public places — indoors and out — where people might congregate. Having had to hold my breath numerous times while dodging smokers on sidewalks, hanging out in doorways, etc – I couldn’t agree more.

I congratulate the brave city councillors of Calabasas and would encourage more cities and states to do the same thing.

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