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April 29th, 2006
This is going to be political

So President Bu$h doesn’t like the Spanish-language version of the National Anthem. In case you care, here’s a link to the lyric: Click here. This disapproval seems a little contrived coming from a politician who otherwise has been very keen to court the Latino vote – commercials in Spanish, speaking the language at every opportunity, giving a Spanish language radio address…

But this goes beyond what the president has to say. I think it really cuts to the heart of the issue with immigration. It tires me no end to hear people whining about assimilation and “the norm” (what the hell is that?) and “national identity” and so on. Did you know 60% of Americans (presumably the English speaking ones) don’t know all the words to the National Anthem? Is that what we want our Spanish-speaking immigrants to aim for? Translating the anthem into Spanish means the citizenship-seekers will understand it, understand the meaning.

The norm. We’re a nation of immigrants. The only reason English is widely spoken is because this nation was originally an English colony – but ask any random person on the street what their ancestry is and I’m betting “I’m English, all the way baby!” isn’t going to be the answer. No, you’re likely to hear “Well my mom’s family is French and Italian and my dad’s family is Greek” or something like that. My own heritage is Mexican and Norwegian and Swedish with a little French and Native American tossed in for fun. Back to the French/Italian/Greek example – at some point those ancestors came here and they weren’t speaking English. But their hard work contributed to this nation, their culture was blended in, their language was blended in – some of them still speak that language, and what a shame it isn’t passed on to their kids.
Need I remind people that the US has NO official language? I’m getting to a point where I want to start telling the “Shut up and learn English” types to shut up and learn Spanish. Canada has two languages – French and English.

Maybe I’m just feeling punchy, but I’m getting pissed off listening to the pundits and opinionated drivel from the media. Dude, if we didn’t have immigrants here doing all the jobs they do, the economy would collapse. Not ALL that money they’re earning is going back to their families. They’re still buying groceries, paying the electric bill, buying clothes and movies and all the other stuff the rest of us buy. That money stays in the community (at least to the same extent as the rest of us that shop at big corporate conglomerates, but that’s for another post). In Oregon, anyway, they’re not getting any more health care on the government dime than the white folk, and since that’s a pretty small number (I used to work in this field, I know my stuff) thanks to massive cuts to OHP etc., well, it ain’t much. Illegals – well they’re not getting much at all, because the majority are too scared to talk to anyone official from the gubmint, even if it is to get health care dollars.

I’d rather every penny of my tax money went to health care FOR ALL, schooling FOR ALL, etc etc rather than funding the military industrial complex and the war machine. All this seems like so much window dressing to distract us from where the bulk of our tax dollars are really going. “Look over there, all those immigrants are getting SO MUCH OF YOUR MONEY!!” while the real story is the money hole that is the Iraq war and the war machine in general. It’s sickening.

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April 19th, 2006
Beauty Anybody?

There are a few good sources out on the web for ladies looking for good advice on cosmetics. I recently subscribed to Beauty Brief, because it looked like the content was good stuff and impartial – and there is no advertising. Another site that looks promising is Beauty Addict. Currently, it’s also ad-free.

I’d like to start adding product reviews to this blog, as well… so keep an eye out for that. I can’t afford to buy everything new and cool that comes down the pike, but thanks to my job at the beauty emporium I can usually get samples to try. Yay!

Last thoughts on Seattle: I just didn’t care for the vibe I got from the city, or really for the people who live there. It’s not that it feels bigger – it must be a quirk of the NW but the metro areas just don’t seem so cold and huge as other metro areas. But it certainly wasn’t as warm as Portland. I’m not likely to want to leave anytime soon.

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April 13th, 2006

I spend a week in Seattle (from April 4 to April 11), there for six days of training for my job at the beauty emporium. Dude, it rocked, lemme tell ya.

I still like Portland better than Seattle. It just seems friendlier, somehow, here in Portland. Maybe it’s just that it’s familiar, but I don’t think so. I like our downtown better.

I did like the Belltown neighborhood, which was right by where we were staying. I found a lovely little yarn shop to wander in, as well as some super tasty udon and sushi at a neighborhood restaurant.

The hotel we were put up in was amazing. I wanted to take home the rainshower style shower head… love it. However, the cheapskates wanted $9.95 a DAY for internet service, so thhhpt to them :P

I have more comments to make about my trip, but sadly I need to get ready for work now…

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April 3rd, 2006

I’m flying to Seattle tonight on the TINIEST AIRPLANE EVER. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But it seats 37 and is one of those puddle-hopping commuter planes. I am not excited. I’m not a big fan of flying, and these planes seem like flying sardine cans.

I am excited about the training though. But we’re not training over the weekend and I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself for two days in Seattle alone. I’m taking the laptop with me, so I’ll probably just surf the net and IM with my friends. I’m soo exciting.

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