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May 31st, 2006
A Little More Shopping

I should really add a shopping category, shouldn’t I…

Anyway, Target has some really nice plus size clothes occasionally. The quality of selection, however, seems to depend largely on the store. The store by my work (over by Washington Square Mall) has a pretty good section. The store over on Evergreen Parkway in Beaverton has a TERRIBLE section. When I was in there yesterday, most of it was filled up with carts of random other stuff – in other words, it was being used as a staging area. Nice job guys, I appreciate that you’ve turned my section of the store (that’s tiny anyway) into a dumping ground. Really makes me (and my money) feel welcome.

But regardless, I bought two items I want to point out. This, this, and this were all at more than 50% off in the store. I already have the black one (and paid full price for it, darn it!) but I went ahead and grabbed the pink one and the blue one. These are some of the greatest, coziest hoodies around. They seem pretty sturdily constructed too, so I expect to still be wearing them next fall and winter. I love them!! Run down to your local Target and stock up while they still have them. The pants are on sale too (and seem cute) but I just can’t see myself wearing velour pants (yet). I only just recently started embracing the velour hoodie.

In general, I like the Mossimo brand that Target carries. The Venezia brand t-shirts at Lane Bryant are better constructed, but the Mossimo ones are pretty good too. I also love the Great Northwest t-shirts at Fred Meyer, but they were all out of my size when I was there the other day – doh!!!

And, in a bit of a rant, let’s talk about lack of shopping choices for fat ladies (again). I went into Kohl’s yesterday as well, since it’s new and I’d never been in before. Their plus section was terrible – lots of button-down vaguely Hawaiian-print blouses (but nothing that I’d classify as stylish) and nothing much else. C’mon people, fat ladies shop too! Get with the program – I can find better options at Fred Meyer and Target. Let’s not forget Lane Bryant and Torrid. These stores are doing very well, financially – clearly there is a market here. It just frustrates me to see these enormous misses and juniors departments, and comparatively tiny, lousy, unstylish women’s departments. Let’s put it this way – I shop at Target and Fred Meyer because they often have cute, stylish plus size clothes that I’d wear. I will often go for non-clothes purchases, just because I know I’ll enjoy a quick foray past the clearance racks. But I’ll probably never go back to Kohl’s, because they are clearly not catering to my dollars. It’s true (as per my rant above) that some Freddys and Targets have less-than-stellar sections – but I know which stores are good, and that’s where I go. You welcome me, I spend money with you. It’s very simple.

And then there is the underwear question. Admittedly, Lane Bryant has some of the cutest underwear – but it’s not cheap. I’m just not willing to spend a lot on panties. Fruit of the Loom makes my favorite panties – their stretch cotton boyshorts (here) are so great but good luck finding them. Most retailers don’t carry them. Grrr!!! Their briefs are okay too, but I’d prefer the boyshorts just because granny panties are so unsexy!!!

Anyway, I hadn’t meant this to turn into a fat rant, but I was just so frustrated after yesterday’s Kohl’s and Target forays that it has been on my mind. The mall where I work has a Lane Bryant but no Torrid – if they did, my shopping life would be complete…

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Happy Bunny

I was wandering around Claire’s Boutique the other day looking for cute hair doo-dads when I found a Happy Bunny watch. You know Happy Bunny, the snotty rabbit with attitude. You can see the watch here.

While at Fred Meyer with DH the other day (umm, Sunday?) I found a Happy Bunny shirt I just had to have too. My jacket (we all wear these smock-like uniform jackets at work) FINALLY came in, so I can wear whatever shirt I want to work (as long as it’s black…). You can see the shirt here. In case you can’t read it, it says “You’d be cooler if you were me.” And yes, those are bunny skulls. I simply HAD to have it. The bunny skulls made it irresistable.

I am now way too cool.

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May 30th, 2006
Misanthrope and other tales

I’m starting to feel burned out at work. It must be something in the air or water or season, because our clients are starting to really work my nerves. They’re demanding, they’re rude, they’re impatient. I’m hoping as summer rolls around they’ll chill out so I can chill out.

I’ve started doing what we call DICing – Director In Charge, which means acting as the floor manager for an hour (or more). The DIC holds the clipboard with the daily schedule on it, and sends people on breaks and lunches, and makes sure the store zones (areas) are being covered. The DIC is also the problem solver, on-the-spot coach, cheerleader, and keeps the cast (staff) updated as to how our daily sales goal is coming along. It’s stressful on busy days and fun on less-busy days. I thought I was going to die on Saturday and Monday (the holiday) when I DICed. Dear God, save me from my clients.

On the plus side, I got a lot of stuff done today. The car was taken to the DEQ and had its registration renewed, a cable modem was returned… some perfume was purchased (Flowerbomb… although if DH doesn’t like it, back it goes). Some dinner was made. A long phone conversation with a friend was had… so, it’s not all bad.

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May 28th, 2006
Save it for Walmart

Whole Foods Market wants to open a store in Eugene – story here.

Apparently some residents of Eugene are unhappy about this, citing the usual array of complaints – they won’t buy local, they’ll put local business out of business, blah blah blah. However, that hasn’t been the case that I’ve seen so far. The Whole Foods in downtown Portland has some of the nicest selection of local products I’ve seen so far – heck, even our cat food is local now because they carry Castor & Pollux food, a Portland-based brand. It’s also supposed to be a pretty good place to work.

The objection to a parking garage is just plain silly. Pasadena’s “Old Town” is totally hopping now, and an example of why parking garages can be pivotal to revitalizing an area. Put in parking, they will come. They will park, and they will walk around and shop and eat and whatever… spending money left and right. The area in question in Eugene is apparently in need of some serious revitalizing – why are these people complaining?

As for Whole Foods eliminating local flavor – whatever. They do sell local products and make them available to me, the consumer, to discover and purchase. They FEATURE them, for crying out loud! They support local charities, they PROMOTE local charities – by making it super-easy for people to donate right at the register, with these bar coded swipe cards that allow you to donate a couple bucks for a hot meal at a homeless shelter or a hygiene kit for a battered women’s shelter.

Community is what you make of it. This is one of those companies that seeks to become part of the community, rather than putting up some homogeneous store like yet another Safeway or Walmart. People of Eugene, get over yourselves.

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May 26th, 2006
Eye Love Shadow

I love eye shadow. I’m hopelessly addicted to color, except yellow, orange, and true red, that is.

Too Faced Cosmetics has some really awesome (if a bit spendy) eyeshadow duos that I just love. The duos Lovey Dovey, Shamrock Chic, and Suzy Ho Maker (yes, terrible name) are personal favorites, being the ones I actually own. I’m still holding out for I Know What Boys Want and Fantasy Island. See them all here.

Milani also has some really awesome shadows. Milani is a drugstore brand that can be rather hard to find in Oregon. So far, I’ve found it at the Jantzen Beach Target store (but no other Target), the Beaverton Kmart, I think one other area Kmart, and Ulta on Cedar Hills has a small selection. The whole line can be purchased from Walgreens.com. I have a LOT of Milani colors – I wore Rich Chocolate today with my Shamrock Chic. Moonlight (an irridescent pearl with blue) is a personal favorite too. Shock, Illusion, Enchantment, Limbo Lime, Blue Ice… I have so many. When Cover Girl was still making their cute 4-pan palettes, I found the Milani shadows fit perfectly in them (if you removed them from their plastic containers). I’m sad Cover Girl doesn’t seem to be making them anymore, because I adore having all my Milani shadows sorted by color in palettes.

I have several trios from Jafra as well, that I use a lot. I wish the packaging was more compact, but I love the colors. The bulk of them are from last summer’s limited edition color collection, so they are no longer available… but sometimes you can find them on eBay. L’Ocean is a particular favorite – when I wear this one, I get so many compliments from my co-workers and our clients. I wish their regular line shades were as stunning, but sadly, they are not. The ones I had, I have given to my mom, who likes more conservative colors.

Last, but definitely not least, I have become TOTALLY hooked on Stila Cosmetics’ Smudge Pots (see here). I have two colors, the new copper one, and a blue shimmer that was limited edition. I haven’t tried them as shadows (intimidating), but they knock my socks off as liners. If I could get my hands on the Jade color that was from their last collection, I’d be such a happy camper. eBay, I guess… Bobbi Brown has a similar product, I want to take a look at hers too.

Then there’s that which I don’t have, but strongly lust after… Paul & Joe (see here) have these amazing colors. I want Mer Au Clair de Lune for obvious reasons, and Chat Siamois (Siamese Cat) because I love the name, and the color does remind me exactly of a Siamese’s seal points.

In the category of “stuff I’ll probably never buy because it’s just waay too spendy” fall the new Vincent Longo Wet Diamond shadows (here). Verite, Mermaid Blu, and Dawn Flesh are simply AMAZING, but NO WAY am I paying that much for eyeshadow. I have to admit, that Verite would be to die for with the Stila Jade Smudge Pot though… if I manage to get a hold of the Smudge Pot, maybe I’d consider the Longo shadow, if only because I’d look like a million bucks in it. Who doesn’t want to look fabulous??

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