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June 13th, 2006
Oh Whine

One might get the feeling from reading this blog that I’m not enjoying my job. Occasionally, I get the feeling that I’m not enjoying my job, lol. There are a lot of things that are beginning to annoy me, namely the fact that my feet ALWAYS hurt and that I’m questioning how competent management is. But, regardless of these facts, I am still enjoying my job because working at a beauty emporium is just too much fun not to enjoy – I get to play in pretty stuff and good smelling stuff all day long. What’s not to love? As for management, I’ll deal with it for the time being.

And my feet? I’ve started eyeballing Shoes For Crews, something I wish I’d known about BEFORE I shelled out ninety bucks for a pair of Dansko clogs that quite frankly stink as work shoes. The tapered heel is too narrow to provide the stability I need with my sprain-prone ankles and I risk injuries when I’m tired because my ankles turn (plus when I do turn an ankle my balance goes also and I have to catch myself from falling over – I’m wondering if my tumble into the display back in February wasn’t in fact caused by this – it happened so fast, but seems a possibility). ANYWAY. So Danskos pretty much stink – I wish I’d known about the heel thing, but I love my wooden clogs so much I thought they’d be good. Also, I have a high instep (that’s the distance from the bottom to the top of your foot, or the height) and when I wear socks they squeeze my feet painfully. Last of all, the support is lacking – ridiculous since that’s Dansko’s big selling point. I’m hideously disappointed in these shoes, can’t recommend them and will never buy another pair. The Shoes For Crews look intriguing – the selection of black, professional-looking women’s shoes is very nice! I don’t really need slip and fall protection but the positive reviews from other on-their-feet-ALL-day service workers about comfort are very compelling. The next pair of work shoes I buy really need to be lace-ups because of that high instep, so it’ll probably be the very practical albeit unfeminine oxfords. Oh well – at least I don’t have varicose veins yet, like another (same age as me) coworker does.

Oh me, oh my.

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June 8th, 2006

In 1998 I finished up my first year of college in Washington DC and went to visit DH (who was still Boyfriend) in Pasadena, where he was wrapping up his first year of college. One of my favorite things was going to a restaurant called Jasmine Terrace, which was a Vietnamese restaurant. For dessert, we ordered lychee with ice cream and longan with ice cream. Both lychee and longan are members of the Sapindaceae family. I had never heard of either fruit before.

I mention this story because lately it seems like lychee (or litchi, as I’ve seen it spelled) is suddenly very popular as an ingredient in cosmetics and as a note in perfumes. Why the sudden popularity, I wonder? Is it because it’s exotic, or because the name sounds cool? The scent is nice, but I wouldn’t say it’s a knockout. A quick google search would seem to indicate that in the interval since 1998 (wow, I guess it has been eight years since that spring trip to Pasadena) lychee has suddenly become a well-known fruit in the US and is a new high-priced crop in Florida.

In 1998, we felt like members of a cool club, enjoying this new and interesting fruit that no one else had heard of before. Now it seems that we will have to discover something new to retain our membership in the club of cool, since lychee is everywhere now.

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June 5th, 2006

I haven’t gotten any complaints about the Flowerbomb perfume from DH, so I guess he likes it and I’ll keep it. The bottle is really unique – it’s shaped like a grenade, complete with a little tag that looks like the pull-ring thingy.

With that, and the bee-you-ti-ful Cynthia Rowley perfume bottle and the other bottles I have that are so pretty (Casmir, Lolita Lempicka etc), I want to find some way of displaying them. They’re on my dresser right now, but I’d like to make them more prominent in the room – we don’t have much in the way of decorations, and these bottles are so pretty, it’d be neat to show them off. I already have our glass fish collection on top of the bookshelves, so that’s out. I need another shelf somewhere, somehow. Hmm…

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Woe is Hair

I decided to grow my hair longer. Not “out” as in grow my hair out, because I don’t want it that much longer, just somewhere mid-neck. Regardless of the end goal, growing ones hair from very short to not-so-short is a huge pain in the behind. Several weeks past the point where you’d normally have it cut, it starts to look really, really gross. I am there.

I’ve been struggling with hair clips and head bands, but today I threw down the gauntlet and got out my blow dryer. Since I don’t have any mousse, I decided to use some of my favorite Aveda stuff (this, in case you’re interested – it smells incredibly good) instead. It doesn’t say anything about that in the instructions for use (applying to wet hair and drying, that is) but I’ve seen stylists do it that way, and figured what the heck. Well, it seems to have worked, because I managed to style my hair into something resembling a nice ‘do, instead of the blech look I’ve been sporting lately. I hairsprayed it within an inch of its life, and hopefully it’ll hold all day. When I shake my head, it doesn’t move…*grin*

Oh yeah, because I basically hate the smell of hairspray, I’m using this “Naturals” stuff from Suave – it smells vaguely better, somewhat fruity.

So, I guess I’ll survive the grow-out. I was seriously close to cutting it all off yesterday, but I really want a new look from the short-short I’ve worn for years. If that means whipping out the blow dryer, so be it. I can live with that.

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June 3rd, 2006

A friend of mine is having a baby, and recently found out it’s a girl. Let the shopping commence!

I found a really easy pattern for a cute baby hat on the Lion Brand website, and decided I’d make that. Now that they require registration to view the patterns, I can’t direct link anymore, but suffice to say it’s the Baby Hat pattern made with Velvetspun. It should be easy enough to find, and there is both a crochet and knit version. The knit version is nice because it is done on two needles, no dpns (otherwise known as double point needles) needed. I still haven’t mastered the dpns, which is like knitting with a hedgehog in your hand.

I bought the Velvetspun in a cotton candy pink color (incidentally, one of my new favorite colors, along with black. Weird, huh?) and proceeded to start crocheting. First of all, the yarn is a major pain in the butt to work with, which I guess is par for the course with a chenille. It took me a few tries to get the top started. Once I got the hang of it, though, things proceeded apace and I finished the hat in about two hours. The Velvetspun does produce a wonderfully soft fabric. I crocheted in the front loops only (it was easier) and while I usually don’t like how that looks (it makes a funny ridge) it looked great with the chenille. All in all, I’d think twice about using this yarn for anything but small projects (it’s just too much of a pain to work with) but it makes awesome hats and would probably be a lovely poncho choice as well. I know, I just said SMALL projects, but use extra big needles to do a poncho and an open pattern, and it would go really fast.

I liked the hat pattern so much I decided to make a second one out of some Homespun I have on hand, since it’s about the same gauge. I like knitting with Homespun, but crocheting with it seems to be a huge pain. I think I’ll definitely keep to knitting with it when I finish the hat.

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