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July 24th, 2006
Sniffle Snarf

Last night, Tigs was looking decidedly NOT well, so we decided to take her to Dove Lewis. Their NW location is very close by to our apartment, so it was a short trip. The prognosis: Tigerlily has a kitty cold (upper respiratory infection). We are feeding her stinky food (so she can smell it) and monitoring her closely. She perked right up at the vet though, as if we’d just taken her to a fine dining establishment where she was served delicious stinky food and fawned over. What a pill. We love her though, so I’m glad we took her in.

And, speaking of upper respiratory infections, yours truly has one too. I called in sick to work today, after yet another sleepless night and some wicked sinus pain and a nasty cough. I got in to see my doctor, and left with some allergy medication and a prescription for antibiotics should it not clear up on its own in a few days. Blame the hot weather – my rather persnickety lungs and sinuses can’t handle it. I get these with some regularity whenever it gets hot, so I think ahead of the next forecasted heat spell I’ll get some preemptive allergy meds. Today though, I am cranky and sniffly, just like Tigs. Hooray for drugs.

We did manage to procure a small air conditioner unit though – a portable one, which means we don’t have to mount it in the window (something I’m not sure they allow here because of the McMenamens seating below our windows). It’s taken the poor thing about two hours to get our apartment down to a mere 85 degrees – which tells you how freaking hot it got in here. An oven, I tell you!

Also, I wanted to post about my hair – the pink dye faded down to a nice respectable burgundy-ish purple. Whee! This is what I used. It’s really cute.

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July 23rd, 2006

There is not an air conditioner for sale within 200+ miles of Portland. Not a one. Dude, that totally sucks.

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Ugh, Hot!!

I hate it when it is this hot!! I got about 1 hours worth of sleep Friday night, which made work on Saturday a tiresome affair. Then I volunteered to stay an extra hour Saturday because I didn’t want to leave the nice air-conditioning of our store. Last night was another sleepless night, about 2 hours worth last night. It’s just too hot and I get so sweaty that I can’t sleep. Tigs and I had a mutual lovefest in the dark on the floor – DH slept on the sofa and I took the floor, just so we could both be by the open windows. Isn’t that pathetic?? Anything for that extra degree of coolness from the rest of the room.

We’re going out on an expedition for a small room air-conditioner today. We both work tomorrow and neither of us is functioning well in this sleep-deprived state. If we can’t find one, I’m seriously tempted to take the cats and find a motel room tonight. They aren’t happy in this heat either, and Tigs is off her feed. Bleh.

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July 21st, 2006
I’m Helping!!

It’s been literally ages since I’ve had a kitten – I think I was four, the last time I had one. All of my cats since then have been adopted as adult cats, so this kitten thing is new for me. One of the things I have had to learn quickly, is to look down a lot, since Theo is frequently underfoot. Another thing is getting used to a small active creature being interested in EVERYTHING I’m doing. These shots are from this afternoon, as I put on my makeup to go to work. Theo was enjoying “helping”!!!

Theo and Claire's makeup

Look Mom, I fit in your makeup box!

Theo and Claire's makeup

Oh, did you want my help??

Theo Helps

Here, let me get that for you!

Theo thinks my makeup brushes are totally cool too. He is also very curious about just what it is I’m putting on my face. It’s really funny, just how “helpful” he can be.

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July 20th, 2006
Introducing Theo


Theo is an almost 12-week old silver Bengal boy who recently joined our household. This shot doesn’t show his spots, but he is adorably spotted. So far Tigs (our almost 10 year old Bengal girl) isn’t so thrilled – Theo likes to bat her tail and chase her. But progress is being made towards a peaceful household.

More pictures to come, I’m sure. He’s growing so quickly!

edited to add: Theo comes from Gail and Walt Sanford-Richard, of Absolutely Bengals, located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We got to meet Theo’s older brother, who is magnificent – Theo is going to be a gorgeous, big Bengal boy!

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