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July 18th, 2006
Black and Pink

I am a sucker for shopping. I should never go to Target because I always find the best stuff on sale, that which I just can’t bear to pass up… Sometimes I find things not on sale, and can’t pass them up either… Case in point – these boots. Are they not adorable? Cute? They will look awesome both with jeans, and skirts. Happy shopping!

I dyed my hair the other day – pink chunks. Well, more like dark fuschia chunks. It looks cuter than it sounds. My coworkers love it. It looks really cool against the solid black we have to wear to work.

Also, I wanted to post this super-adorable blog I stumbled on the other day: The Adventures of Tanjiro and Uschi-Swirl. Tanj and Uschi are two Bengal boys who live in Corvallis. It’s a fun blog, lots of cute kitty pictures.

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July 1st, 2006
Design and Cleaning Products?

Back in the day, I developed a serious appreciation for industrial design. In case you care, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design defines industrial design as:

Design is a creative activity whose aim is to establish the multi-faceted qualities of objects, processes, services and their systems in whole life-cycles. Therefore, design is the central factor of innovative humanisation of technologies and the crucial factor of cultural and economic exchange.

In other words, make your household stuff look pretty (and functional)! (Gee, I spent how many years in school to articulate this??) Anyway. A few classic examples: The Barcelona Chair, iMacs, Cesca Chair… and so on and so forth. Think of the original Coca Cola bottle.

There have definitely been some cool new examples of industrial design. This article from New York Magazine describes how one designer re-did the not-all-that-interesting pill bottle into something much more functional (and incidentally, sleeker looking!).

And for the photo at the top of this post… Method. Cool cleaning products in cool packaging. Forget ugly hand soap bottles sitting on your sink in icky scents. Method’s stuff is really spiffy. I love the hand soap, I love the cleaning stuff. I adore the packaging – modern, sleek, pretty. Method’s philosophy sums up neatly what I like best about industrial design – take a product people use everyday and turn it into something special, albeit still just as functional.

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