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August 29th, 2006
Friendly Neighborhood Tea

I discovered that down the “hall” from my work is a delightful store called TeaVana. Predictably enough, they sell tea. *snark*

TeaVana carries both loose tea for sale, as well as an assortment of hot and cold beverages. The store is quite lovely, very relaxing and peaceful. They have a variety of hot and iced teas available for sampling (and picking their little plastic cups off my cosmetic displays is definitely one of the drawbacks of being neighbors, thanks to boorish clients).

I recently discovered they offer a delightful mate beverage called a mocha mate latte. It’s based around their MateVana blend, which is suspiciously similar to a Republic of Tea mate blend I purchased years ago. Also, oddly enough, this particular blend seems to be very popular – here’s another version. TeaVana brews it up with chocolate syrup, and (at least at my shop) they use organic half and half for the latte part. Yummy? You betcha.

They also offer a discount for mall employees (score! Bye bye Starbucks!) so I think they’ve become my pick-me-up-beverage of choice these days. Go tea!

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August 27th, 2006
Snakes! On a Plane!

Hee hee. Snakes on a Plane was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. It made me jump a few times, and got DH at least once. Hee hee! Good times, good times.

The movie is, of course, deliberately cheesy. Samuel L. Jackson (simply one of my favorite actors ever since The Long Kiss Goodnight) plays it with a straight face but a twinkle in his eye. He’s having fun, and it shows. The plot is full of cliches, and it’s kind of fun playing “spot the cliche.” I don’t mean this in a bad way – it’d make an awesome drinking game when it comes out on DVD. Of course, you should probably drinking something watered down – with all the cliches, everyone would be too hammered by the end to be laughing.

I enjoyed it a lot. Art? No. Fun? Yes.

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August 20th, 2006
Fun With Scissors

A few weeks ago I had a mole removed from my arm. This is mostly notable because it got me out of having to carry boxes on shipment night at the Beauty Emporium where I work. Every Thursday I do a 3 pm to Midnight shift, because we unpack and put away each week’s shipment after the store closes at 9 pm. I’m not exactly sure how I ended up on the shipment crew, but I started pulling that shift in February and have only missed one or two nights since then. Before we can unpack the shipment, all the boxes (usually 30-40 heavy ones) have to be carried out from the stockroom to the floor – it’s hard work. I have to say I wasn’t sorry that I got out of it for two shipment nights.

I was supposed to have the stitches removed last Wednesday. Oops, I missed the appointment. After consulting the Internet (I know, one probably shouldn’t take medical advice from the Internet…) I decided DH and I could remove the stitches ourselves. One pair of needlenose pliers, a scissors, and a tweezers later, the stitches were gone and I have a happily healing arm. Note to self: removing stitches is easy. The spot on my arm is still a little sore and the scar is kind of ugly, but I’m applying the same wrinkle-cream to it that I used on my forehead so it’ll probably fade quickly. Oh, and sunscreen. Must remember to apply sunscreen.

My doctor hasn’t called to tell me the mole was cancerous, so I’m assuming all is well. It was kind of cool watching her remove it though… I’ve come a long way, being able to watch. I’m usually much too squeamish, but curiousity overwhelmed me once the spot was numbed. Watching her stitch it was the best part – it looks just like sewing! At any rate, I’m glad to have it all done with and on it’s way to becoming a faded spot on my arm.

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August 12th, 2006

DH spent some time today working on Claire’s Beauty and I’d say it’s basically up and running. Some of my posts from here will migrate over, but mostly I’ll be posting new content over there. Fun times!

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August 9th, 2006
When Good Kittens Go Bad

(and other stories…)

Theolicious has kitten diarrhea. It’s not pretty. That’s probably enough on *that* topic, but it’s been rather omnipresent in the Luna Lundberg household lately…

Otherwise, his Theoness is growing so quickly! Aww kittens. He’s still so cute, and is finally learning how to sit still and be petted for whole minutes at a time. I was thinking our kitten had ADD but I think he’s just a good example of a Bengal kitten – LOTS of energy, not much willingness to sit still for long periods of time. He’ll mellow with age, just like Tigs has.

In other excitement, it’s semi-annual bonus time! In addition to the monthly sales bonus we receive at the beauty emporium (which is based on our store profit each month), we also receive semi-annual bonuses based on company profit. I’m practically drooling with anticipation here – let’s just say last month’s store bonus rocked, so I’m hoping the company one is good too.

And that’s just in time because the sale items are killing me. I just couldn’t help myself with this, and this. Dude, sale! Combine that with my discount, and it’s SCORE!!! I’m so tired of having my makeup and brushes scattered in random bags under the bed, I’m just thrilled to have some cases to put it all in. Hello, my name is Claire, and I’m a makeupaholic. The Stila Smudge Pots got me too, and so did the eyeshadow. And maybe a lip gloss too. Oh, I am so weak.

Also… Vera Wang Princess. It’s not “out” yet in our store, but will be launched day after tomorrow. I already sniffed it though, and sprayed it on my arms. Ohhhhhh. It’s got the sweetness I like in Pink Sugar without the cloying quality that practically makes my teeth hurt, it’s so sweet. It’s warm, and chocolately, and somewhat fruity and flowery too. It’s not too powdery. It might just be THE THING for fall. The problem is, I’m still really into Marc Jacobs – it’s the gardenia. I love it. I also recently discovered Amarige by Givenchy. I made a sample of that for myself though, and I’ll make one of Marc Jacobs too. I think it’s the bottle that’ll push me over into Princessland. The Marc Jacobs bottle is UGLY and the Amarige one doesn’t really light my fire either. Since perfume bottles are also decorative in my house… It could be Princess will win…

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