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September 23rd, 2006
Mmmm anticipation

Well… we move into the inspection phase. House inspections on Tuesday… I’m so excited. The kitties would LOVE the house – hardwood floors to bound around on, more room to run around, and a basement to play in too. We might even be able to build a little cat run in the backyard, which is very large. It would be just so totally awesome if everything works out with this house.

Happy happy.

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September 22nd, 2006

Well, wish us luck. We’ve put an offer on a home in the Overlook neighborhood of N Portland. Yay!

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September 12th, 2006

As I mentioned here, Dansko clogs really suck as work shoes. At least, I think so. They still seem to be much beloved by others, but nary a one of my co-workers who owns a pair likes them either. So I figure I’m going to do my best to telegraph my disgust for these shoes out into the world of the internewts.

I haven’t purchased any replacements yet because I still can’t bring myself to toss away such an expensive pair of shoes. So I continue to suffer. Also, I haven’t ordered the shoes from the internet because I’m concerned about buying shoes sight-unseen and un-tried-on.

Some of DH’s coworkers swear by Merrell shoes, and I’m also interested in Earth shoes. I need to find someplace that sells both locally so I can try them on. And don’t suggest The Walking Company. I hate those guys – they sold me the lousy Danskos and then were jerks about it when I came back a month later and said they were really hurting my feet.

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September 8th, 2006
Academy Gym Disco Panic Heroes

It’s all because of Snakes on a Plane and it’s soundtrack. See, if you stick around for the credits at the end of the movie (which DH and I do, as a matter of principle) you get to watch the video for “Snakes On A Plane (Bring It)” which is about the darned catchiest song I’ve heard in a while. So naturally, as soon as I got home I had to know all about the band etc.

This led me to discovering The Academy Is…, and Gym Class Heroes. I already knew about Panic! at the Disco (who are also on the soundtrack), but was pleased to learn they are on the same record label. I really, really want Almost Here, the album by The Academy Is… Their lead singer is one FINE LOOKING man, oh yes he is. And he can really belt out a rock song! Sadly, my venture into Everyday Music with DH tonight did not yield me any CDs by The Academy Is…

However, I did manage to pick up a copy of Gym Class Heroes’ As Cruel as School Children. Yay! I also really want The Papercut Chronicles. YouTube has a channel devoted to bands on their label, and I watched the video for Papercuts – it’s a great song.

It’s interesting, because in general I am not a hip-hop fan. I just DO NOT care for the whole bitches/ho’s/drugs/bling/pimpin’ whatever subject matter of most hip-hop today. Gym Class Heroes seem to be more of the fun, funky, not demeaning-towards-women hip-hop, and I really like their music. They are well worth checking out.

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September 7th, 2006
Oh Theo, So Big

My little kitten-beast is starting to look more like a big kitty and less like a baby one. It was inevitable… But, along with his bigger, more muscular physique, he’s also getting sweeter and less nutty. He sleeps on our feet at night now, and likes to purr and get petted in the early morning. I do kind of wish it wasn’t quite so early though…

At the end of the month, he’ll go to the vets to be tutored. In the meantime, he and Tigs mostly get along, as long as he isn’t trying to “play” with her. He likes to chase her around just a leetle too much.

I love my sweet boy.


Click the picture for a larger version

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