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October 29th, 2006
Random Coolness

Today, at my job at the Beauty Emporium, I helped Art Alexakis pick out shower gel. Why is this cool? Art is the lead singer for the band Everclear, a band that I have long been a fan of. There was some serious fangirl geeking out going on at the store, and it wasn’t just me. Some days, I really do love my job.

I’m pleased to report that Mr. Alexakis seems like a really nice guy. He was really nice to my co-worker and friend who was brave enough to approach him and say hi and have a fangirl moment. I was content to help with the shower gel while trying my best to suppress what I’m sure was a huge goofy smile.

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October 8th, 2006

I love my kitty boy. He’s getting SO BIG! We are so excited about our house, and all the opportunities for running around. As much as I love our studio apartment, I know the kitties wish they had more room to run around. With the house, they’ll have all the rooms to run around in, plus some stairs to the basement – and at some point I’d like to put a cat run in the backyard for them. The house has hardwood floors and I suspect they will love to slide around on them, too.

Here are some pictures of Theo – click for a larger version.


Theo Hello

Theo Futon

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October 4th, 2006
Yarn Habit, Again and Again

I recently discovered knitting looms, otherwise known as round knitters, knifty knitters (and, for the four-pin ones, knitting nancy). Provo Crafts makes the set I purchased (it was on sale!!) yesterday called Knifty Knitter. What got me interested in these was this pattern that features *gasp!* an honest-to-gosh turned heel done on the round loom. I have wanted to knit socks forever, and I’ve tried on more than one occasion – but the double point needles get me everytime – I just can’t seem to manipulate them successfully.

I’m now about two-thirds done with a slipper using that pattern, including successfully turning the heel. It’s not as elegant as the picture (practice!) but it’s a heel. If I can manage some pairs of slippers successfully, I’ll be chomping at the bit for this – an extra fine gauge sock knitter. My dream of actual socks, knitted by me, slowly comes to reality…

In the meantime, I have plans to make more hand knitted gifts for Christmas this year, since the knitting with the Knifty Knitters just flies due to the bulky weight yarn. It’s also not as tiring for my hands as regular knitting or crocheting. Hats, scarves, slippers… sofa pillows, baby blankets (one of my friends is expecting her first baby any day now, and in fact may already have given birth… she’s in Germany). I love yarn…

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October 3rd, 2006
Housie Housie

Looks like the housie will be ours! Hello, Backyard! Hello, Basement! The inspection went well, the seller has agreed to our (very) short list of repairs, our mortgage loan is approved…

Now we wait while the repairs are made. Move-in will commence the first week of November!


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