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November 23rd, 2006
Cough! Wheeze! Turkey!

We survived moving in and so far haven’t felt it necessary to burn down our psychotic neighbor’s house… and then I get bronchitis!! Blech. I actually had to call in sick to work on Monday and Tuesday and then beg to work on Wednesday (still somewhat sick…) so I’d get my holiday pay for today. It’s still raining.

Theo is SO EXCITED about what he KNOWS is a big hunk o’ poultry in our sink. He’d really love it if I’d just let him on the counter to examine it further. I’m going to be pushing his cute mug out of the way all day today, I can tell. Did I mention that he LOVES all kinds of poultry? Chicken, turkey, he’ll also eat raw hamburger although that’s not poultry. Cat loves meat, oh yes he does.

Happy Turkey Day!

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November 18th, 2006
Wine, heh heh

One of the drawbacks of being on anti-depressant medication – amplified alcohol effects. Shared a nice bottle of wine with DH tonight and now I’m feeling extremely silly and having a hard time typing… lol. Drunken blogging… should do it at least once, right? Hard to type though…

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November 16th, 2006
Here we are!

Just as soon as I figure out which box my digital camera ended up in, I’ll post pictures. But we are settled into our house, all major furniture and stuff unpacked and put away. The kitties LOVE IT. Their litter box is in the basement, so they get to run up and down stairs a lot (they love it!), there are hardwood floors to slide on (love it!), rooms to walk about in… lots of windows, including windows that get direct sunlight. This is something our north-facing apartment didn’t have, so they are totally in love with being able to sit in pools of sunlight and bathe.

I am in love with my kitchen (so big!) and my bathtub (clawfoot!). We purchased a washer/dryer and not having to scrounge for quarters is fabulous.

The only fly in our ointment is a crazy neighbor. As in, unpleasantly crazy yells at us about dumb stuff crazy. Oh well, there’s always something, right?

So… pictures. Soon, I hope. Oh yeah – the apple tree in the backyard… mmmmm. I have already made several cobblers and I see applesauce in our future with the last of the windfalls. Although, I think I’ll have to borrow canning equipment from my mom or mother-in-law. Apparently, this is the wrong wrong wrong time of the year to try to purchase said equipment myself. No one has it in stock. Boo-hoo pout-o-rama. Next spring, though, it’s all mine. I’m excited about canning stuff, I love all that old-fashioned homey stuff.

House! Yay! Next week: Thanksgiving prepared in my mondo-kitchen. Could I *be* more excited??

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November 3rd, 2006

Tomorrow, we move… I think we will take the kitties first and settle them into the second bedroom. Then everything else gets moved in. Oy, I hate moving…

I do want to post some nice things about our real estate agent and our loan officer. Our agent is Robyn with the Robyn and Jessica Team, who are affiliated with Vincent Properties. Robyn has been great throughout this whole experience.

Our loan officer is Ruben Rodriguez at Albina Community Bank. Mr. Rodriguez is fantastic. He has really gone to bat for us as we hit a few eleventh hour bumps in the road, and I can’t say enough nice things about him. Likewise, Albina Community Bank rocks. I *heart* them. Portlanders, please consider investing with them – they do really good work in the community. And talk to Mr. Rodriguez if you want to buy a house. He’s the man.

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November 1st, 2006
Grammar Police

I know, it’s a cheap shot to post about bad grammar. But I can’t help it, when I see such bad grammar on weblogs from people who are published in magazines.

The egregious sentence used “in lieu of” when the author meant “in honor of” or “in recognition of.” Specifically, “in lieu of fall, I purchased a spiced apple candle.” (Sentence changed slightly to save the author from total embarrassment.) Seriously, get a dictionary. Also, if this is the kind of “professional” writing that gets someone published these days, I should try to get my own column in a magazine.

In other news, we sign papers for the house tomorrow and move in this weekend. Theo was tutored and is now half the man-cat he used to be, although he is just as feisty as ever. In fact, he and DH are in the bathroom right now playing some kind of cat hockey. (That would be DH and the cat batting something on the floor, not DH playing hockey with the cat as the puck.)

Most of our belongings are now in boxes. Let the mad house-buying panic set in!

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