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December 13th, 2006
Happiness Is Home

Here I am, sitting in our little sunroom-slash-office with the laptop on my vanity-slash-desk, while Jacob sits at the big desk. We have our coffee, and the cats are looking out the windows. Could this be any more perfect? I think not.

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December 1st, 2006
Banging Around In A Tin Can

The problem with blogging is that I come up with things I want to write about at random times, and then forget them later. Ideas bang around in my head like marbles in a tin can, but there seems to be a hole in my tin can… the marbles fall out. (I come up with some terrible metaphors when it’s late at night, don’t I?)

One of the things I thought was terrible is the fact that Congress votes itself a raise every year, but the federal minimum wage has been $5.15 since 1997. Apparently Congress can have a “cost-of-living” raise, but not poor people. This thought came to me while I was glancing at the “your rights” or whatever they call it poster at work, so I researched it a little more. Who can live on $5.15/hr?

In other news, I found my digital camera and DH made it work with the laptop again (for some reason, it stopped working, which meant I couldn’t download my photos, which meant I had little incentive to find it anyway.) Now I’ll start taking pictures of Theo and Tigs running around their new house. I also decided to try Shutterfly for some prints of our photos. I’m slowly being inspired to pick up a camera again and work on my art after a loooong time of not being terribly interested, and at 19 cents (give or take with sales and all) a print, I can Blu-Tack collages all over my house and start to challenge myself again. (I discovered Blu-Tack during my freshman year of college, when my dorm room had concrete-like walls and the thumbtacks I had wanted to use wouldn’t work. Best stuff ever.)

Good times.

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