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February 23rd, 2007
Mmmm gyoza!

I made gyoza tonight (yes, at 1 am…) for our lunches tomorrow. I also ate a few for a midnight snack, and darn! These guys are good. They are also dead easy, thanks to a little dumpling mold thingy my mom gave me for christmas a few years ago. (It’s actually the smallest of three, the largest of which I use to make pasties… which would also make a good bento food, now that I think of it!)

A half pound of ground chicken makes enough for a midnight snack and gyoza for two for two days, along with rice and some fruit or veggie in a bento. So, I’m very happy. It only took me about 45 minutes start to finish, too.

My lunch today was the envy of all my coworkers. Salmon onigiri, little sausages cut like octopus, and peaches. I’ve found that if you stick frozen peaches in your lunch box, and drizzle a little honey on top, by lunchtime they are perfectly thawed and less sugary than canned. Super-yum!! Tomorrow: rice with furikake (no msg), gyoza, and peaches. I intend to be the lunch box queen!

Mostly, I’m happy to be saving money. I know I haven’t been eating well the last year, buying lunch primarily from the food court at the mall where I work. I try to pick the healthiest choices, but those aren’t all that healthy and are also at least $5-7 a day! My bentos are much healthier and are saving around $4 or $5 per lunch, for each of us. That’s not chump change at the end of the month. So… hooray for bento!

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February 21st, 2007

Poor blog. It’s been sorely neglected, as I’ve poured most of my energy into Claire’s Beauty lately.

Egg MoldI’ve been having fun with bento lately. We watch a lot of anime and it has inspired me to learn how to make onigiri (rice balls) and other cute bento lunch eatables. I’m very excited – today my onigiri and egg molds arrived. The onigiri mold makes perfect triangular shaped onigiri and the egg mold will shape a boiled egg into cute shapes. The ones I ordered (from a Japanese seller on eBay!) are rabbit and bear.

Usually onigiri are filled with things like umeboshi (a pickled plum), salmon, dried fish and soy sauce, or tuna and mayo. I like the salmon, and am learning to like umeboshi… but I thought it would be fun to experiment with some Western fillings as well. I tried little bits of smoked sausage, and that turned out well.

Next I want a tamagoyaki pan (tamagoyaki is a sort of omelette). I bought a sushi mat so I’m also going to learn how to make sushi rolls. I’m not sure I trust the freshness of the fish from the store, so I’m planning on sticking to smoked fish or veggies only.

This has been really fun!

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